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What is FSL?

A friend of mine was recently telling me about FSL. I was slightly embarrassed to ask what that is, so I clicked on her website and found out it means Flora as a Second Language. Well, I was no further ahead because what does THAT mean? I asked this new author just exactly what is FSL, and this is what she told me. 

Angela Magnotti Andrews
FSL tells the true story of a woman's journey with her plant-obsessed husband whose passion for beauty has captured the heart of his woman of words. My husband was a musician when I met him. He played guitar and sang as only a tenor can. Oh! How I swooned. He studied music at Central Washington University, and I chose him out of the crowd. I have always had a thing for musicians. Imagine my surprise when a year later he abandoned music and took up plants.

And that was the beginning of her new book, FSL: Flora As a Second Language. FSL tells the true story of a woman's journey with her plant-obsessed husband whose passion for beauty has captured the heart of his woman of words.

Angela has a unique way of funding her new book. Please check out her blog and find out how to back her Kickstarter project! 

*Excerpt from Autor*
FSL is more than a book. I guess you could say it most closely resembles a portal, an entry point. In one way, it is a window into the life of a woman who loves a man who loves plants. It's the story of how a marriage founded on the silver thread of dreams and a solid faith in the power of commitment no matter the cost is at once fragile and unbreakable. It is the story of the tender ache of desires yet unrealized and the sweet rewards of perseverance. In another way, FSL is a doorway to dreams fulfilled. It reveals some of our family's deepest yearnings and offers the very platform for speaking the reality of these yearnings into existence. The final chapter is a description of the destination nursery and gardens my husband and I will one day open on our little Island in the Pacific Northwest, and I hope you will add your hope and expectation to ours by visualizing yourself walking along our garden paths chatting about plants with us. Finally, FSL will initiate the next phase of my life's work as a writing coach. In order to give something away, you must own it first. I realize that if I hope to inspire and help other writers and storytellers overcome their fears and hangups, I need to overcome my own. As my first full-length book, FSL has challenged me to be real, to be authentic, and to stick through to the end no matter how frightened I have been of either success or failure. Since writing the book is only half the battle toward being a genuine author, I plan to do every step of the publishing and marketing myself using Amazon's CreateSpace site. That way, when you e-mail me and ask me how to self-publish your own book, I can supply you with the answers and walk you through the process. It is my hope that by following along with us in our journey, you will find yourself identifying with us in some small (or large) way, that you will begin to yearn as we do to experience the exotic beauty and magical wonder of tropical plants. We hope you will be able to imagine yourself talking to us beneath the shade of a stunning Tetrapanax or beneath the intoxicating blooms of a Datura, drinking in the rich enchantment of my husband's amazing gift with plants.

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