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Author Katie Mettner

Can Tori be Tamed or will she be damned?

That was the question I asked myself before starting Jan Romes new book, Taming Tori. Taming Tori is the third in her Texas Boys Falling Fast romance series. Tori and Jake's story releases today and I'm sharing an excerpt from this fun story and my review. If you love romance, you'll love Jan Romes!

Jake Garrison is an all-around nice guy who tries to stay out of the limelight despite being considered one of Dallas's most eligible and wealthy bachelors. He's down-to-earth and a quiet people-pleaser until someone pushes his buttons. Tori Caye not only pushes his buttons, she pulls him into her special kind of chaos with tears and those sexy amber eyes.

Tori Caye is a mean-girl debutante whose sense of entitlement exhausts even those close to her. After her fiance of two years calls off their engagement, she throws herself into the arms of Jake Garrison and tries to manipulate him while trying to maintain her uppity disposition.

The attraction between Jake and Tori is off-the-charts, but it's game-on when he thinks he can tame Tori, and when Tori tries to bend him to her will.


“I’ll have a glass of Riesling.” Tori rolled the edges of her cloth placemat.      
“Hellooo.” Lucy snapped her fingers in front of Tori’s face. “This is a Chinese restaurant. They have tea, water, and soda.”
“They don’t have Riesling.”
“Okay. I’ll have a glass of Chardonnay.”
Lucy wrinkled her nose at the waiter. “She’ll have tea.” After the man shuffled off, she kicked Tori under the table. “What’s with you?”
Tori continued to mess with the placemat. “What do you mean?”
Lucy huffed out an exaggerated sigh. “Seville, is it my imagination or is Tori in her own little world?”
Seville grinned. “It’s your imagination.”  
Lucy rolled her eyes. “I’ve got to get new friends.” She tugged Tori’s placemat away. “You dragged us here, so the least you can do is talk to us.”
“Sorry. Can’t seem to focus.”
“You’re also having difficulty speaking in full sentences. Come on. Tell us something. Anything.”    
“Nothing to tell.”  
“You’ve ignored our phone calls and now you’re evading our questions. There’s definitely something going on. You have yet to explain why you and Jake were at the car wash.” Lucy looked around the fancy but dimly lit restaurant. “And what’s with bringing us here? I’d rather go someplace that serves butter steak and has better lighting.” She grabbed a laminated card from a holder at the end of the table. “Did you read the Chinese Zodiac for your birth year? It fits you to a tee. It says you’re a rat. You’re ambitious yet honest. Pfft. Sound the gong.” She read on. “You’re also prone to spending freely. That’s accurate. How many pairs of shoes do you have now? A thousand?” Tori started to speak and Lucy talked over her. “You seldom make lasting friendships and you’re most compatible with dragons and monkeys.” She cracked up laughing. “Oh yeah. That’s you.”  
Tori gave Lucy the evil eye. “I’m ambitious and honest.” She lifted a shoulder. “So I have an abnormal love for shoes, sue me. Wait a minute. The three of us were born in the same year.”
Lucy and Seville fist-bumped. “Now that we have your full attention, give us the skinny.”
The waiter returned with three dainty porcelain cups and a pot of tea. A serving girl followed directly behind him with a platter. She placed it in the center of the table.
Seville frowned. “What are those?”
“Marinated pig ears, ma’am,” the waiter replied in broken English.
“Wait. What?”
“Marinated pig ears. One of our specialty dishes.”
Seville lurched like she was about to throw up.
“We didn’t order those,” Lucy said in her usual overtly loud voice.
“I know, miss. They’re compliments of another guest.”
“What guest?” Lucy craned her neck.
“The lady over in the corner, by the window.”
All three heads turned at the same time. They had to look around people to get a glimpse of who the waiter referred to.    
“I don’t recognize her. Who is she?” Seville asked.
Oh God! Shoot me now! “It’s Beth Flanagan,” Tori grumbled grimly.
“Who’s Beth Flanagan?”
A prickly thorn in my side. “No one special.”
“Boom.” Lucy pointed a finger at Tori. “Now it makes sense. You should’ve told us you brought us here to stalk Jake.”
“We’re not here to… Jake?” She’d overhead the name of the restaurant during Jake and Beth’s conversation and wanted to check it out. Maybe there was some subconscious stalking going on, but surely nothing intentional. Besides, Jake wasn’t interested and she wouldn’t chase him down. She’d already been-there, done-that by showing up at the parking garage.    
“Yes. Jake. He has his back to us but I know it’s him.”
Tori shifted in her chair while panic prickled every one of her nerve endings. If Beth knew she was there, Jake did too. Her eyes darted around looking for a subtle escape route.  
Lucy turned up her nose. “Beth looks like a frumpy hag. She’s wearing pearls with denim.”
Tori lowered her head and cast a cautious glance at Beth. The pearls and denim actually looked great together. Dammit.  
“She has daggers for eyes,” Seville said with a boat load of embellishment. “If we were sitting closer we’d be dead. Uh oh! Jake looked over his shoulder. Should I wave, or what?”
Tori opened her eyes wide to show her annoyance. “If you wave you won’t have to worry about Beth’s daggers, you’ll have to worry about mine. They’ll be mopping up blood at table five.” Slowly she swiveled to glance in Jake’s direction. He was laughing at something Beth said. Tori was suddenly overwhelmed with all kinds of emotion. She clamped a hand over her mouth to smother a sob.    
Lucy bobbed her head up and down. “You knew he’d be here.” She scooted from her chair, grabbed the platter of pig ears, and took off across the room.
“Don’t make a scene. Don’t make a scene,” Tori repeated frantically. Telling Lucy to behave was like telling a toddler to eat rutabaga – it wasn’t going to happen.   
Seville pretended to gag. “Why would Beth send us a plate of pig extremities? Kind of  Godfather-ish, isn’t it?”
“She thinks I’m after Jake.”
“You are after him.”
“No. I. Am. Not.” Tori’s pulse thumped hard.    
Seville raised her palm just enough to point behind it. “Don’t look now.”   
“Tell me she didn’t dump the platter on Beth’s head.”
The dusky ambiance darkened when someone blocked it. Tori caught a whiff of a familiar manly cologne and her nerves frayed a little more.   
Jake’s usually rich, smooth voice was thick and tight. “We have to talk.”
Tori took a short breath and raised her head to meet his eyes. “About what?”
Jake’s gaze skipped to Seville and back to Tori. “Outside. Please.”
Tori and Seville exchanged surprised looks.    
“What should I order for you when the waiter comes back?” Seville asked.
Tori stood on wobbly legs and put a hand on the table to keep from swaying. “Anything.” She quickly added, “Except pig ears.”
Jake curled his hand around Tori’s upper arm as if he thought she’d walk in the opposite direction. “This way.” He took them out the side door.   
Tori shielded her eyes from the blinding brightness of the sun. She wished she would’ve grabbed her sunglasses, not just to block the sun’s rays.
Jake wasted no time backing her against a windowless wall of the building.
“What are you doing, Garrison?” She feigned anger but a smile fought the corners of her mouth. Good thing he couldn’t hear the thump of her pulse or see her heart doing somersaults and cartwheels.
Inches from her mouth, Jake moved closer. “Why did you track me down?”
“Track you down?” She mocked him with a scoff. “You wish.”
Jake overpowered her mouth with a kiss and pressed into her with his rock-hard body.
In an instant, all her dry, stacked up desire was set on fire. Flames seared a path to each and every body part. Tori instinctively tried to control the blaze by drawing tight. The heat was too much to handle. She succumbed to the inferno and sank into Jake, whimpering against his mouth.
Jake broke the kiss. “You drive me crazy, woman. But I can’t seem to help myself.” He dove back to her mouth; tracing her lips with his tongue, using the tip to gain entrance and then thrusting it in and out.  
  It was a good thing he had a firm hold on her because his kisses were muddling her senses and weakening her resolve.
Removing Jake’s hand from her hip, she moved it to her breast. When he gently squeezed, equal parts of fear and joy vibrated in her chest. Tori was torn between listening to her inner-voice that was telling her to shove him away before it was too late, and suffocating the darn thing so she could enjoy the sensations rocking her body.
Contrary to popular opinion, the woman melting against him didn’t have an aversion to sex. He wouldn’t take things all the way to prove he was right, especially since they were in public. And if they weren’t careful, there’d be another dandy of a picture in tomorrow’s newspaper, with God only knows what caption to go with it. But kissing and touching the ice maiden, feeling her unthaw beneath his fingertips, was incredible. She was worth whatever headline they might spark.
The jolt of pleasure of their tongues dancing against each other was as good as a zap of electric current. He pulled away just enough to gaze into Tori’s eyes. Her amber orbs were round with the same surprise currently working through him. “Tori, I…”
“I know. Me too,” she said, as though she was completely in tune with his thoughts. Tori took his face in her hands and placed tender pecks on each of his eyelids before scorching his mouth with a fiery kiss.

My Review:

Having read the first two in this series I already knew I didn't like Tori Caye. She was a spoiled brat rich girl who had no problem looking her nose down on anyone who didn't have a chauffeur or multimillion dollar bank account. I so much didn't like Tori, I wasn't sure I wanted to read the book. How on earth was Ms. Romes going to take such an unlikable character and make her likable? Truth be told, I shouldn't have doubted her because she did it in only the way Jan Romes can. She used an age old tool that has tamed many a difficult woman, true all-accepting love. Jake Garrison is an all around nice guy, rich, handsome, down to earth and has been crushing on Tori for a lot of years. Jake finds Tori infuriating, gorgeous, maddening, and sexy. In her private moments she's tender and vulnerable and in her public moments she's demanding and take charge. Coming off a bad two year relationship with Jake's friend Quinn, Tori has a bad taste in her mouth for men. Jake is convenient, or at least that's what she wants her friends to believe. 

The story progresses in a way most stories about rich people don't. Jake teaches Tori how to be giving and Tori teaches Jake how to be patient. Jake teaches Tori about how to let the person she really is on the inside come out and Tori teaches Jake that an act is sometimes just an act, and the persons true heart is just hidden for painful reasons. 

I always get a few good chuckles out of the Texas Boys Falling Fast series and such was the case with Taming Tori. Whether they were at the car wash or the dollar store, Ms. Romes had me laughing and saying 'awwww' throughout the whole book. If you're looking for a fun, lighthearted, bad girl turns good girl, kind of read then Taming Tori is the one for you. Even though this is the third in the series Ms. Romes does an excellent job weaving in the back story so you won't feel lost if you read this as a stand alone, but I highly recommend getting the first two in the series too! 

I give Taming Tori 5 cups!

Texas Boys Falling Fast Book One

Texas playboy, Ty Vincent, heir to the Vincent Oil fortune needs a short-term wife to convince his grandfather and the Board of Directors that he's changing his ways so they'll name him CEO. Ditching an environmental conference in Atlanta to play in Reno, Ty suffers razor-sharp chest pains at the airport. The pains were becoming a common occurrence that started showing up after he lost his father in a fiery crash a year earlier. The woman who comes to his aid not only helps him with what she can only assume is a heart attack but she also fibs to keep airport security and paparazzi from descending on him. She's brilliant, unemployed and not his type which makes her the perfect choice for a temporary spouse. If he can ignore her extraordinary blue eyes then everything will go according to plan. 

Cardiac rehab nurse, Maggie Gray finds herself the victim of hospital downsizing. When T. Loy Vincent, I, a former patient, offers her a million dollars to get his grandson under control, Maggie is pressured by her father to enter into the wife-for-hire scheme. All she has to do is convince Ty Vincent to marry her. When she tracks Ty down at the Reno-Tahoe International Airport to put things in motion, she finds him in the middle of chest issues. The nurse in her takes over and before she knows it she's eyebrow deep in yet another deal. The second she says yes to both agreements, her life is turned upside down. To top it off, she can't seem to curb an annoying attraction for Dallas's most famous womanizer. 

Six months. No Sex. No telling each other what to do. It should be a win-win for them both. Will the mayhem of wealth, media attention, meddlesome friends and chemistry so hot it could melt plastic ruin their lives? Or will it be the catalyst for happily-ever-after?

Texas Boys Falling Fast Book Two

Millionaire Quinn Randel is a world-class philanthropist and a world-class ass. He has a perfect life and doesn't want to muck it up with marriage and kids. And then he meets luscious Kylee Steele; barmaid, single mother and college student. Kylee makes him nervous with just a look and her kisses take him completely out of his comfort zone. Can he stop being a jerk to find love? Will the secret he carries close to his heart keep them apart? 

Kylee Steele let her guard down once for love and received a broken heart, but also a beautiful daughter. Things are finally starting to go right. She's a hard worker with her eye on the prize -- a PhD in psychology. Smooth-talking Quinn Randel comes at her with intense bedroom eyes and an attitude that he can have her despite her efforts to shut him down. His relentless pursuit puts her heart, head and body at odds. She wants him but he's a risk she can't afford. She wants him but guys like him are not in it for the long haul. She wants him...

Jan Romes is a hopeless romantic who grew up in northwest Ohio with eight zany siblings. Married to her high school sweetheart for more years than seems possible, she is also a proud mom, mother-in-law, and grandmother. She likes to read all genres, writes witty contemporary romance, is a part-time fitness trainer, and enjoys growing pumpkins and sunflowers.

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