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Why is Itchy Mitchie so itchy?

Today's Author Spotlight is on new author Debbie Day! Debbie's first children's book, Itchy Mitchie, has released in paperback format on Amazon! The book is a rhyming book for ages 4 through 10.

Book Blurb:

First grader Mitchie Miles has the world’s worst case of awfully itchy feet! Mysteriously, there seems to be no cure or explanation of a cause – that is, until he loses an epic game of “Blinky Ball” at school. “Itchy Mitchie” is a beautifully designed rhyming book with hand-cut paper illustrations and an important moral for kids. That moral is this: focusing on our problems only makes them worse. A good way to deal with problems or negative thoughts, is to keep ourselves busy with positive and productive thoughts and activities! Once we focus our thoughts elsewhere, those problems and negative thoughts lessen or disappear altogether!

The illustrations in Itchy Mitchie are wonderful! These are a couple pages from the book!

Debbie, can you tell my readers how you got the idea for Itchy Mitchie? 
I would love to :) When I started grade school as a kid, oh how I wished I could just go barefoot! Every time I put my shoes and socks on, my feet instantly itched and I wanted to take them off! But my mom was persistent, insisting that I just needed to focus off my feet and on other things. So off to school I went with my socks and shoes! And you know what? She was right. As soon as I got distracted at school, my feet weren't itchy and I was fine!

Another lesson incorporated into the book came much later in life during my college days. I was struggling with a certain health problem and I was just plain discouraged. My mom, who is a cancer survivor, told me the effects that chemotherapy had had on her nerves, making her feet constantly numb and painful - constantly. She told me that if she started focusing on the pain, it became very frustrating and discouraging. So, she simply refused to think about it. She told me that by doing this, her numb and painful feet weren't even a problem for her. I was amazed that she could just simply choose not to think about such an annoyance, and discovered then, the power of positive thinking. It works! And that's the message I want to convey in the book. (And Now you can see why the book is dedicated to my Mom.)

About Debbie

From the time she learned how to write, Debbie has always had a passion for creating stories. Born in Salt Lake City, Utah, she grew up the second youngest of ten kids. She spent her childhood listening to her dad’s fairytales, imagining up her own, making up songs, and playing sports with her brothers. Aside from being an author and illustrator, Debbie is now a wife, proud mother, songwriter, competitive race rookie, devout Christian, registered nurse, and lover of adventure. 

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