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Author Katie Mettner

Finding a killer before she's iced!

I'm doing a new feature on the blog starting today. It's a book spotlight! It could be a book I read and loved or a new release, but either way I'll introduce you to a great book and share my review. I'll also tell you a little about the author and how to find their books. 

Today's book spotlight is ICED MALICE by Marla Madison

Back Blurb: 
Detective Kendall Halsrud returns in Iced Malice, another stay-up-all-night thriller by the author of Relative Malice.

In the midst of the worst winter in Eau Claire, Wisconsin since 1890, Detective Kendall Halsrud is investigating a case involving two murdered teenagers. Kendall and her partner soon realize the teens’ murders appear eerily similar to the Fiancé Murder case from twelve years ago when three couples disappeared from the area. Their bodies were never found, and the case remains unsolved.
Kendall asks herself if the faceless killer has returned, or does someone else have his own reason for killing couples?
With her personal life also in chaos, Kendall immerses herself in her work. When another woman disappears, Kendall has more questions than answers. Does the killer have an accomplice? And can she find them before they target the next young couple?

Detective Kendall Halsrud is back and she's cold! Once Again Marla Madison throws the reader right into the action in Iced. Standing on a porch on the west end of Eau Claire, Wisconsin Kendall and her partner, Ross Alverson, are staring at a frozen body of the local drunkard. The ME is convinced it's a case of accidental death, but Kendall isn't so sure. She doesn't have much time to investigate it though before the next death, and missing person, lands on her desk. She's got a dead college age boy and his missing booty call. When the missing girl shows up dead a few days later Kendall and Alverson are forced to ask themselves if they are somehow tied to a cold case from a decade ago, the Fiance murders.

Enter Courtney, a writer fascinated with the Fiance Murder case, and she's determined to write a book about them. When she talked to Ross and an old investigator from the case she wasn't expecting to get more than she bargained for. I really enjoyed the character of Courtney, I think it added depth to the story and gave us bits and pieces about the cold case we wouldn't have gotten otherwise.

While all of this is going on Kendall is going home to an empty apartment night after night. The man she has fallen in love with, Aadm Nashland (you meet him in Relative Malice) has taken an undercover assignment in Milwaukee. With him out of the picture for a while Kendall spends her free time with Brynn, an albino with more computer skills than Steve Job. When she's doing some preliminary research for Kendall she comes up on some information she hadn't bargained for. Determined to prove to Kendall she can play with the big girls she follows the leads and you have to wonder if she's walking to her death or stumbling upon the truth.

Just when you think Ms. Madison can't possibly throw another thing at you, she does. Another girl goes missing at the same time Adam is found, beaten and near death. She must choose between the cases on her desk or the man in her heart. When she's told that Adam doesn't remember anything and needs to remember things on his own time, Kendall is angry and throws herself into her work. She must find the missing girl before she ends up dead in a dumpster too. With the help of Courtney and Brynn Iced Malice is brought to a crescendo that leaves you holding your breath and wondering who will come out alive.

Being from the Eau Claire area I really enjoyed reading this book because I could picture all the neighborhoods and places they were from the libraries and churches to the hospital and Water Street. The author does an excellent job describing the backdrop, so even if you aren't from the area you will enjoy this suspense novel. I haven't read Relative Malice, but it's my next read on my kindle. Ms. Madison is an expert at alluding to events that made me want to find out more about Brynn, Adam and Ross in Relative Malice.


Marla Madison's She's Not There is her debut suspense novel, and Relative Malice, her second. Marla's third third suspense story, TRESPASS, is a sequel to She's Not There.

Her next book, Iced Malice, due out in early 2015, is a sequel to Relative Malice, with Detective Kendall Halsrud.

Marla is a retired Federal Mediator who works as an Arbitrator. She lives on Prairie Lake in Northwestern Wisconsin with her significant other, Terry, a beloved shelter-dog, Skygge, and Poncho, an opinionated feline from the same shelter. 

Also an avid reader of suspense, some of her favorite authors are Tana French, Lisa Gardner, Jeffrey Deaver, Jonathan Kellerman, James Patterson, Tess Gerritson, and Tami Hoag.

When not reading or writing, Marla enjoys playing duplicate bridge, golfing, and going on long walks with her dog.

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