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I have a question....

Hello readers! It's been awhile, hasn't it? I know, I'm guilty as charged when it comes to falling behind in my blog posts. Summer was a crazy time this year with three kids going three different places nonstop. Then, two weeks before school started, my husband fell and broke his arm requiring surgery. Since he's a teacher, that's a REALLy bad time to break an arm. But, now that fall has arrived, the kids (and the husband) are back in school, I am committing to blogging once a week again. So, to start out today, I have a question. Actually, it's more like several questions, but hang with me, you'll get a chance to answer. 

As I'm sure you can figure out, my questions are about books. See, I have this book, and it's a fantastic book (Not patting myself on the back, just going by reviews), but for some strange reason, I can't get anyone to read it. So, I want to take the answers to my questions and see if I can apply it to this particular book in order to see if it changes how often the book is purchased or read through KU. 

  1. Price: Does the price effect how much you'll pay for a book? What is your top end (my books are always 2.99 or less) and do you as a reader see .99 as the 'new' free book. If you have a subscription to books, which service do you have?
  2. Cover: Everyone tells us not to judge a book by its cover, but we all know we do it. So, what makes you pass on a book? Do you prefer people or no people? Are abstract covers too much for you to take a chance on or do you not really care? (You can see the cover of the book I'm speaking of below)
  3. The story itself: The book blurb is obviously written to tell the reader what the book is about, but are there themes you stay away from? Do you have set parameters in your mind about what books you will and won't read by what the back blurb tells you? For instance this particular book of mine is written about a funeral director who falls in love with a chef. The fact that he's a funeral director is pivotal to the story, but not in a gruesome or discriptive way. Would you steer clear of a book written about death (Can we say Fault In Our Stars? What would have happened to that book if no one had read it?)
  4. The final question. Reviews: You always hear about authors wanting reviews for their books. I'm probably in the minority that I don't get too hung up on reviews. Maybe because I don't read the reviews on books I'm going to buy. Do you read the reviews as part of your decision making process about the book? 

I would love to hear your answers to all or just the ones that matter to you. Feel free to leave it in the comments section below. Here is the book I'm trying to figure out. The story between the covers has been called one of the best ugly cry books of 2016. 

Eve Darling has learned one very important lesson in her twenty-six years; life never goes according to plan.

The night of her high school graduation her heart was bursting with hopes and dreams for the future, but the universe had other ideas. Instead of New York and culinary school, she stayed in Magnificent, Wisconsin. Barely an adult herself, Eve was irrevocably tasked with becoming a mother to her big brother, Davis, a man with the heart and mind of a five-year-old boy. Now, seven years later, she’s become a successful entrepreneur, chef, and businesswoman. All of those responsibilities came at a price and her personal life was payment. No one was more acutely aware of that than she was.

And then, with one phone call, everything changed.

‘After life organizer’ Abraham Von Sallage was not like any funeral director Eve had ever known. He was young, charming, witty, and had a unique perspective on life, because his business was death. They both carried burdens society couldn’t, or wouldn’t, acknowledge, and because of those burdens, they found an instantaneous connection. That night, as Abraham stood in the doorway of her cooking school, she saw hope in his eyes.

And then her world crumbled.

An inexplicably cruel twist of fate called into question everything she knew about life, and death. With her soul adrift in guilt, she clung to the only person she could trust to save her from the agony her life had become. Shrouded by grief, it would take the love of one man, and the resolve of an entire community, to show her just how magnificent life could be.

So, that's my first blog post for the new school year! I hope the summer treated you all well and those who have kids, they are off to a good start at school, i know mine are. Thanks for commenting and letting me know your book buying process!

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