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Why is handicapped parking so hard to figure out?

When you see that sign, everyone knows what it means, right? As it turns out, they don't. I was going to write an educational, informative blog post about how to park in handicapped parking using words, but decided using pictures might be all that's needed to tell the story. 

Let's begin:

See the red X's? Don't park there, those are used by people with manual wheelchairs (like myself) to load their wheelchairs in side doors or electric wheelchairs from the back. Parking in any striped parking area next to a handicapped parking place will get you a ticket. (even if you have a handicapped sticker on your vehicle!)

Photo from Rowheels

Not even a little bit over is an acceptable excuse

This person is parked correctly. Notice they didn't park on the striped area leading to the wheelchair sidewalk ramp? You got it, don't park there either. 

See the Kia? NOPE 
(This is what I found today when I left walmart. I was that woman in the wheelchair trying to figure out how in the hell I was going to get my chair in my van when I couldn't get to the door.)

NOPE (Fancy sports car is no excuse)

Oh, so close, but still NOPE


(you thought I was going yes, right?)


Those of us in wheelchairs have a hard enough time getting in and out of stores. Not making it even harder is a simple thing we can all do for us & parents of disabled children. 

Thank you for reading! :)

1 comment

Unknown said...

Block these bastards with your car and call the Sheriff on them.
Nothing teaches a better lesson than paying a huge fine.
Humans learn by pain.
1. Bash their teeth in.
2. Hit them in the wallet.
and suddenly they wake up.

Sorry for my rant but I feel your pain. I am disabled person too
and see this bull shit quite a lot.

Take care & Be Well!