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The slow, painful death of the author newsletter

You've got mail! How many times do you check your email to see it's yet another newsletter from somewhere or someone you subscribed to, you think anyway, but you can't really remember. If you're like me, you have one or two newsletters you ALWAYS open, and 100 you delete. Who wants to spend all day reading newsletters? Not me, and I'm an author. I have a newsletter, but to be honest, very few people open it and even fewer click on the links. Why? Well, they signed up for a giveaway and you got more entries when you signed up!

I recently discovered that Mailchimp has integrated Google Maps into their system, so when you list your address (you have to) if it's not a PO Box, everyone who gets that newsletter gets your address, where it is on the map and a picture of your house. A PO Box costs anywhere from 50-100 bucks a year. For me, I would never recoup that expense when I would use it only for the newsletter, like never in a million years.

For that reason, I'll be retiring my small newsletter as of now. If you are on my newsletter and want to stay abreast of my releases you can follow my Facebook Author page or subscribe to my Amazon Author page and Amazon will email you with new releases for preorder and when they release! (That's one email I always open!)

Thanks to those newsletter subscribers who have been loyal over the last few years, but due to market saturation and abuse, these newsletters are no longer useful to anyone, and I don't want to be the reason someone sighs when they open their email  😉

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