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12 Days of Christmas Cookies

Today's 12 Days of Christmas is a wonderful family recipe for chocolate waffle cookies! This has been a staple in my house for my entire life, and as kids, we loved making them every year with Grandma Hazel! This recipe uses gluten-free flour because that's how I have to make them now, but if you aren't gluten-free, use regular all purpose flour for these cookies. Enjoy!


You may be wondering what the heck this is, right? Exactly what they say they are, cookies made on a waffle iron, and they are delish. I only make this cookie at Christmas because it's something we look forward to this time of year. My grandmother always made these cookies and we didn't have to be very old to help her because it uses the waffle iron instead of the big oven. We always used green or red sugar on the cookies to make them festive.

Tip: Make sure to cool these in the fridge or cold garage once you make them. It will meld the flavors together, which I find is important with gluten-free. You can also store them in a sealed container in the garage for a couple weeks (in cold environments, that is if they stick around that long)

3/4 cup sugar

1/2 cup Butter flavor Crisco 

2 large eggs Room Temperature

1 tsp. Vanilla
Cream above

In bowl shift:

1 1/4 Pillsbury Gluten Free Flour (I've also used Walmart's gluten-free flour and like that too)

1/4 cup Cocoa

1/4 tsp. salt

1/2 tsp unflavored gelatin

With mixer blend the flour mixture into the butter mixture until mixed well.

Heat waffle iron (Belgian wafflemaker does not work) to its highest temperature. Once hot, drop small teaspoons of dough on the iron (I have a square one with four square waffles spots, so I make 8 cookies at a time, one tsp in each corner of each square)

Close lid and let bake for about 2 minutes then test for doneness. Cookie should not be brown on top. You want it set, but not crispy. (I suggest doing a test cookie to get the feel of it since you're new to the recipe)

Cool cookies on rack and then frost with vanilla icing. You can use homemade or store bought vanilla or cream cheese icing.

Homemade Frosting recipe

1/2 stick butter

1/4 cup milk
Powdered sugar until frosting consistency.

(We always make it thick-thin, like a donut glaze at a bakery. We drop the top of the cookie in and then pull it out rather than spread it, but you can make it like buttercream and spread it. Both are good.)


One year I made these and didn't have enough containers so I took an old coffee can (Plastic) and used that. We went to eat the cookies and they tasted like a mocha drink. So good! I have my coffee cans ready again for this year ;)

My finished batch from today. Don't worry, the batch makes more, but I have three teenagers :)

This is the type of waffle maker I use, but anything works as long as you don't use a Belgian wafflemaker.

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