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Accidental Groom by ~ Dana Mason

A HUGE Congratulations to my friend, Dana Mason, on the release of Accidental Groom! I loved this story and devoured it in a night! Read the preview below, then my review, and then grab Mac and Kelley's story for just .99 for a limited time!

When I heard that Dana Mason was releasing a new book I was thrilled! Already a Dana Mason fan, no one had to convince me to read Accidental Groom when it became available, I snatched it up and didn't put it down until I finished. I loved Mac and Kelley's story. It had all the makings of a perfectly spun contemporary romance and I wasn't disappointed. You'll think you know this storyline ~ guy sees girl, guy talks to girl, guy and girl get drunk, and then life-changing dominos begin to fall, but you don't know this storyline at all. Not the way Dana Mason tells it.

Mac is...well, Mac is insecure. He comes off as being LA's playboy. A radio show jock who gets paid to play the part of womanizer and player, but he's tired of the game. Maybe that was why when he saw Kelley crying on a bench in front of his favorite coffee shop, something inside him changed. The problem was, this self-proclaimed single forever DJ just found himself truly enamored by a woman for the first time in his life. For the first time, he wanted to know more about this woman and he didn't even know her name.

Kelley's life is slowly, well, check that, quickly, falling apart. Walking in on her best friend and now ex in bed together was the final straw of an already jammed back crappy life. All she wanted to do was finish school, get her degree, and move on with her life, but the universe wasn't having it, or was it? Was the addition of Mac to her life going to be nothing more than a little bit of fun in her stressed out world, or would he be the catalyst to putting her life back on track? Those who knew Mac said it was the former, but Kelley, who is falling for him deeply, wonders, hopes, and prays it's the latter.

I loved the flirty, sexy, fast pace of Mac and Kelley's story. The secondary characters like Mike and Emily were also a bonus and I HOPE Dana plans to write their stories as well. Accidental Groom is written in first person POV split between Mac and Kelley, and also in present tense. I'm normally one who completely avoids present tense in romance because it's rarely done right and usually slips back and forth between tenses, but NOT Accidental Groom! It was flawless and I can't imagine the story being told any other way. 

I refuse to do spoiler reviews and this book is really hard to review without spoiling the biggest storyline arcs, but let me say this -- when you find out why Mac is the way he is, and why Kelley is the way she is, you'll quickly come to grips with how absolutely perfect they are for each other. I can also promise you, you'll be hooked from page one all the way to their happily ever after.

I give Accidental Groom five cups of super hot, super strong, want to consume this all in one sitting cups of coffee! 

Dana Mason started writing about ten years ago after being overwhelmed by a story that wouldn’t let her sleep until she wrote it down. The story, Dangerous Embrace, was published in 2012 and won Best Mystery/Suspense from eFestival of Words Best of Independent eBook Awards in 2014.
Dangerous Embrace is the first book in her Embrace Series. The second book in the series, Precious Embrace, was Runner-Up for Best Hero from eFestival of Words Best of Independent eBook Awards that same year. Her third book, Broken Embrace, was awarded Best Indie Book in 2015 in the Romance Category.
Dana loves turning your worst nightmares into happy endings. She lives in Northern California with her husband, children, and her writing companion and mighty protector, Mia the Chihuahua.

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Dana Mason said...

I need every one of those 5 cups of strong coffee today! Thank you so much!