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Cover Reveal for Jam & Jingle Bells ~ Bells Pass Series

Thanks for stopping by to check out the cover for my new Christmas book! Jam & Jingle Bells, book 3 in the Bells Pass Series, arrives in just fifteen days, so I thought it was probably time I showed you the cover :) It's time for Santa Claus to come to town and I can't wait for you to meet him! I'm including a short excerpt and the preorder link below! Get it for .99 on preorder!

Addie Collop
Age: 25
Looks: Tall, ginger, and curvaceous
Favorite Food: Jam
Status: Single, but secretly in love with a Bell’s Pass yoga instructor

Ellis David
Age: 25
Looks: Lanky, white, and thin
Favorite Food: Tater Tot Hotdish
Status: Single, but secretly in love with Bell’s Pass’s premiere cosmetologist

Addie and Ellis now hold the title for biggest dating disasters of Bells Pass. Each afraid their differences are too much to overcome, they pretend friends will be enough for them forever. It will take a broken window, a broken leg, and a magical sleigh to convince them that their differences are what make them unique together. This Christmas everything will change in Bells Pass, and no one will be untouched by the magic of old Saint Nick.

The bell tinkled over the door again and my head turned automatically, a shy smile lifting my lips when the new diner waved at me. I waved back and he walked toward me, his usual Namaste ballcap replaced by a soft stocking cap with the lotus flower symbol on the brim.

He stopped next to me and smiled, taking his gloves off. “Hi, Addie. How are you?” He kissed my cheek and stuck his gloves in his pockets.

“Hey, Ellis.” I lowered my coffee cup to the counter. “I’m good. How are you? I haven’t seen you around much the last couple of weeks.”

He nodded, his eyes rolling toward the ceiling. “The studio has been crazy, but I can’t complain. I didn’t realize how far parents would travel to bring their kids to yoga. Anyway, I just closed up for the night and wasn’t in the mood for food from a can.”

I turned my lips up in distaste. “Food from a can?”

He chuckled in a self-deprecating way. “You know, Dinty Moore Beef Stew, Chef Boyardee. Should I continue?”

I held my hand up. “Please stop. I take it cooking isn’t your forte?”

He rolled his eyes again. “Not unless it involves a can opener and a microwave.”

My nose turned up at the idea. “Sounds unappealing, but at least you have The Nightingale Diner where nothing is from a can. I just ordered the daily special. Tater Tot Hotdish with rolls and pie.”

He whimpered a little and then sighed. “I’m so hungry I could eat two servings.”

I held up a finger and scooted around the counter. “Hey, Lance,” I called to the cook at the stove.

“Something wrong, Addie?” He spun toward me and his usual boyish charm oozed from every pore. He brandished his spatula like a knife and jammed to the tunes on his headphones.

“No, but would you add a double order of the special along with mine and have Becca bring it all to booth four?” I asked. “My friend Ellis here is starving.”

He waved his spatula in acknowledgment and I grabbed my coffee cup then motioned for Ellis to follow me. We sat opposite each other and Becca waltzed over with the coffee pot.

“Since Addie did my job for me, can I get you some coffee?” she asked, her smile teasing and her tone jovial.

He waved his hand at the coffee pot. “No coffee, but thank you. Do you have hot chocolate?”

She lifted a brow at me before answering. “Do we have hot chocolate? What does this look like? Amateur hour?”

He managed to keep a straight face but I could see the twinkle in his eye. “A hot chocolate would be fantastic.”

Becca headed toward the counter and I patted his hand. “Sorry about my forwardness, but I would love the company for dinner and I know you’ll love the special.”

He waved away my words and leaned back when Becca brought his cocoa. “Thanks.” He offered her one of his boyish smiles. “It’s been a long day.”

Becca squeezed his shoulder. “I hear ya, buddy. I’ll have your food out shortly.”

“Long day, huh?” I asked after she disappeared again. “I have to say, you wear Santa well.”

He glanced down at his shirt and then snickered. “Thanks, the kids love it, what with my hair and all.”

I took in the whole package as he sat before me. He wore black yoga pants and a tacky as hell long sleeve shirt that looked like Santa’s coat. His white hair and gentle beard did fill out the rest of the look, even if his hair wasn’t as long as Santa’s.

“Your hair needs a trim again.” I motioned at the long shock of white hair hanging over his eyes.

He looked up and blew at it until it ruffled in the breeze. “I know, but your salon is never open when I’m done with work.”

I leaned over the table. “My dude, for Santa, I’m always open.

Haven't read Book 1 and 2? You still have time! You can get Meatloaf and Mistletoe for .99 and Hotcakes and Holly on Amazon for $2.99. You can read both for free in Kindle Unlimited! If you prefer a box set, I have one of those too! 

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