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Author Katie Mettner

They have arrived! New Covers for Snowberry!

Hello, everyone! I wanted to shout from the blog that my cover designer has finished all of the new covers for The Snowberry Series! I just love the new covers and how sweet they are, which totally lines up with what this series represents! As the holidays go on, I'll be putting each book on sale for .99. Right now you can get Snow Daze, December Kiss, and Nick S. Klaus for .99! Next will be Noel's Hart for Valentine's Day. I've shared each cover, blurb, and read inside pages below, so feel free to check them out and enjoy. All of the books are also in Kindle Unlimited if you happened to get that for the holiday season. If you've already read this series, thank you! Your covers should update on your Kindle at some point. If you are starting the series now, I hope you truly love all of the characters as much as I do.

Trapped in an elevator with a handsome stranger was the perfect meet-cute, but Dr. Snow Daze wasn’t interested in being the heroine of any romance novel. A serious researcher at Providence Hospital in Snowberry, Minnesota, Snow doesn’t have time for a personal life, which was exactly the way she liked it.

Dully Alexander hated elevators until he was stuck in one with a beautiful snow angel. Intrigued by her gorgeous white hair, and her figure-hugging wheelchair, he knows he’ll do anything to be her hero. When a good old-fashioned Minnesota blizzard traps them at her apartment, he takes advantage of the crackling fire, whispered secrets on the couch, and stolen kisses in the night. Dully will stop at nothing to convince Snow she deserves her own happily ever after.

It’s nearly Christmas in Snowberry Minnesota, but Jay Alexander is feeling anything but jolly. Stuck in the middle of town square with a flat tire on his worn-out wheelchair leaves him feeling grinchy.

December Kiss has only been in Snowberry for a few months when she happens upon this broken down boy next door. His sandy brown hair and quirky smile have her hoisting his wheelchair into the back of her four-horse Cherokee.

When a December romance blooms, Jay wants to give December just one thing for Christmas, her brother. Will Jay get his December Kiss under the mistletoe Christmas Eve?

Noel Kiss is a successful businessman, but adrift in his personal life. After he reconnects with his twin sister, Noel realizes he’s bored, lonely, and searching for a change. That change might be waiting for him in Snowberry, Minnesota.

Savannah Hart is known in Snowberry as ‘the smile maker’. She has poured blood, sweat, and tears into her flower emporium and loves spreading cheer throughout the community. She uses those colorful petals to hide her secrets from the people of Snowberry, but there’s one man who can see right through them.

On December twenty-fourth, life changes for both Noel and Savannah. He finds a reason for change, and she finds the answer to a prayer. Desperate for relief, Savannah accepts Noel’s crazy proposal, telling herself it will be easy to say goodbye when the time comes, but she’s fooling no one. Noel has until Valentine’s Day to convince Savannah his arms are the shelter she’s been yearning for. If he can’t, the only thing he’ll be holding on February 14th is a broken heart.

April Melody loved her job as bookkeeper and hostess of Kiss’s Café in Snowberry, Minnesota. What she didn’t love was having to hide who she was on the inside, because of what people saw on the outside. April may not be able to hear them, but she could read the lies on their lips.

Martin Crow owns Crow’s Hair and Nails, an upscale salon in the middle of bustling Snowberry. Crow hid from the world in the tiny town and focused on helping women find their inner goddess. What he wasn’t expecting to find was one of Snowberry’s goddesses standing outside his apartment door.

Drawn together by their love of music, April and Crow discover guilt and hatred will steal their future. Together they learn to let love and forgiveness be the melody and harmony in their hearts.

Main Street is bustling in Snowberry, Minnesota, and nobody knows that better than the owner of the iconic bakery, the Liberty Belle. Handed the key to her namesake at barely twenty-one, Liberty has worked day and night to keep her parents’ legacy alive. Now, three years later, she’s a hotter mess than the batch of pies baking in her industrial-sized oven.

Photographer Bram Alexander has had his viewfinder focused on the heart of one woman since returning to Snowberry. For the last three years, she’s kept him at arm's length, but all bets are off when he finds her injured and alone on the bakery floor.

Liberty found falling in love with Bram easy, but convincing her tattered heart to trust him was much harder. Armed with small town determination and a heart of gold, Bram shows Liberty frame-by-frame how learning to trust him is as easy as pie.

Winifred Papadopoulos, Freddie to her few friends, has a reputation in Snowberry, Minnesota. Behind her back, and occasionally to her face, she’s known as Wicked Winifred. Freddie uses her sharp tongue as a defense mechanism to keep people at bay. The truth is, her heart was broken beyond repair at sixteen, and she doesn’t intend to get close to anyone ever again. She didn’t foresee a two-minute conversation at speed dating as the catalyst to turn her life upside down.

Flynn Steele didn’t like dating. He liked speed dating even less. When his business partner insisted, he reluctantly agreed, sure it would be a waste of time, until he met the Wicked Witch of the West. He might not like dating, but the woman behind the green makeup intrigued him.

A downed power pole sets off a series of events neither Flynn nor Winifred saw coming. Their masks off, and their hearts open, they have until Halloween to decide if the scars of the past will bring them together or tear them apart. Grab your broomstick and hang on tight. This is going to be a bumpy ride...

Nick S. Klaus, principal at John Peter Thomas Elementary School in Snowberry, Minnesota, loves Christmas. He loves everything about it from the cookies and the tree, to donning the Santa suit for the annual Coats for Kids Drive every December. Professionally, his life is fulfilled, but his personal life is tortured. He has spent every night for the last five years dreaming about the woman next door. The woman he’d like to make Mrs. Klaus.

Mandy Alexander, choir teacher for the Snowberry School District, doesn’t have a personal life. Working full-time and raising Ben and Esther, leaves her no time to date, but she’s not complaining. Her life hasn’t been easy, and she doesn’t need another entanglement or another broken heart. Her neighbor, and coworker, Nick S. Klaus hasn’t made it a secret he’d like to take her out, but a woman scorned has a hard time learning to trust again, and Mandy has been scorned hard.

This Christmas everything will change for Nick and Mandy. When life circumstances throw them together, they grab onto each other and hold tight. Ex-husbands, blisters, broken bones, and an old family feud will work against Nick and Mandy finding true love, but they don’t call him Nick S. Klaus for nothing. With the help of his head elf, and two of the cutest elves in Snowberry, Nick will teach Mandy how to hold the spirit of Christmas in her heart again, forever.

Katie Mettner writes small-town romantic tales filled with epic love stories and happily-ever-afters. She proudly wears the title of, 'only person to lose her leg after falling down the bunny hill,' and loves
decorating her prosthetic with the latest fashion trends. She lives in Northern Wisconsin with her own happily-ever-after and three mini-mes. Katie has a massive addiction to coffee and Twitter, and a lessening aversion to Pinterest -- now that she's quit trying to make the things she pins.

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