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Author Katie Mettner

A Romantic Coincidence

Right about now, you're thinking this is a review post for a Harlequin romance, right? It's not, but keep reading to find out why I'm posting about a book that is almost 19 years old. I was going to just post the story on Facebook but thought it would make a great blog post that will make a lot of people smile.

Okay, so, back to Rafael and his love-child. My daughter is now almost 19 and a sophomore in college in my hometown. She has a friend, Henry, who she met last year when he was the boyfriend of another friend, but he was attending a different college. He ended up breaking up with my daughter's friend, changed majors, and transferred to the same college as Em. Now, they're really good friends. One night, she was telling him how I had submitted a book to Harlequin for a query and he said, "Oh, I was on a Harlequin cover once."


Em did NOT believe him. He brings the book up and she's like, "Oh, come on. It's a baby! I don't know if that's you." He then produces the images of the photoshoot ... you guessed it, that baby on the cover is my daughter's best guy friend, Henry! WHAT are the chances that she would be friends with a cover model (stop laughing, babies can be cover models too ;) ) of a Harlequin novel when her mom is also a romance writer? If she hadn't mentioned Harlequin, we'd still be in the dark about this epic coincidence!

Yours Truly, 
Henry, 'Rafael's Love-Child'

It took me some digging but I was able to locate a paperback copy of the book for Em, and I put it in her stocking this Christmas. We laughed and laughed, and when she took it back to school with her, she had Henry sign it. We're going to be telling this story for generations! 

If you think this is a coincidence ... there's more. This line of Harlequin is her favorite. She always reads the Presents line about heroes from other countries (Which I can't stand!) AND Rafael's Love-Child was published in this line for the month of February 2001. If you did the math, it just hit you that she was born in February 2001...

Harlequin, bringing people together for SO many years in SO many different ways ;)


Dana said...

Oh, my god! How funny! And the book is as old as she is. That's hilarious!

Katie said...

It has become a running joke at our house now. We refer to him as Rafael's Love-Child LOL It's one of those things in life that makes you laugh every time you think of it.