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The German's Desperate Vow ~ Cover Reveal

Don't you just love this beautiful cover by Carrie Butler of Forward Authority?! I'm revealing The German's Desperate Vow, book 2 in the Kontakt Series, today with the preorder link for release on May 7! Read on to meet Seth and Pia! 

Hot Miami Nights.



A Desperate Vow.

German engineer Pia Möller lives and breathes sex. She spends her days designing high-end sensual aids for Kontakt Miami, and her nights lusting after her sexy co-worker, Seth Decker. Temptation brings them together, but it’s desperation that will fan the flames of desire between them. One night together will never be enough, and as the clock runs out, Pia vows to do anything necessary to stay in Miami… consequences be damned.

The German's Desperate Vow


I trailed my finger down the plastic numbers on the elevator and pressed the one for the main floor. There was something about the five a.m. hour in this building that I loved. I loved being able to do my checks and balances without being interrupted every few moments by another human being. It was peaceful and meditative. It was just me investing tenderness and care into something I loved dearly.

The sleek elevator lowered me from the tenth floor to the first, and I inhaled deeply before I stepped onto the polished marble reception floor of the Kontakt building. Of my building. She was waiting for me to wake her slowly and lovingly the way a man should wake a woman: a soft caress, a gentle nudge, and a lot of coffee. I don’t own this building, but this building owns me. She has since the first day I crossed her threshold for an interview. It was three years ago when I applied to be Kontakt’s building manager. I didn’t even know what Kontakt was, and I didn’t care. I needed a job, a place to call my own, and a community of people all working toward the same goal. Kontakt offered me all those things and more. I would forever be in Lars and Gretchen’s debt for the opportunity they gave me.

I caressed the cherry wood reception desk before I clicked on the lamp near my computer. Upstairs, on the penthouse floor, everyone was still snuggled in bed. With living quarters available for a chosen few, I was usually the only one up this early in the day. My boss, Lars, his wife, Serenity, and their son, Lam, reside in the penthouse now. The first time I sat across from Lars and Serenity at my interview, I knew they were perfect for each other. He was a German god for every inch of his six feet. He was older, refined, rich, powerful, and surprisingly vulnerable. Serenity was sweetness for every one of her twenty-seven years. She was younger than Lars, innocent, shy, and powerless but surprisingly, stronger than Lars and I combined. Without her God-given skills in marketing the sensual aids that are Kontakt’s business, we wouldn’t need this building. She was the only reason Kontakt was successful so early on in the United States.

When Lars moved to Miami from Germany three years ago, he came to open a U.S. division of the company. He would be the CEO, running this division for his mother, Gretchen Jäger. Gretchen was all-powerful in this company, meaning as the owner, she shared the decision making with no one. She lives in Germany for the majority of the year, since that is where Kontakt is based, but she puts her trust in Lars and Serenity to run this side of the business. In turn, they put their trust in me. I am responsible for the building and its day-to-day operations, and I take my job seriously.

Every so often, Gretchen flies over to stay with us. She comes to take care of the necessary business required of her here, but mostly, it’s to see her grandson. She flew back to Germany just a few weeks ago, but she never stayed away for long. She was always afraid her grandson would forget who she was between visits if she did. Gretchen was vibrant and powerful in a down to earth kind of way. She was ruthless in the boardroom but a loving mother and grandmother the rest of the time. She cared about her employees like family. Our little family was the reason I loved working here. It was the reason Lars and Serenity could be asleep at five a.m. without worry. They instinctively knew the building would be awake and ready when they were.

When I took this job, I was offered a fully furnished efficiency apartment on the tenth floor. That was the main reason I promptly signed on the dotted line. While the apartment was small, it was big enough for a single person who spent most of their day somewhere else. When I wasn’t working, I was usually enjoying a beer on my balcony while taking in the lights of Miami. My life was so different from what it was three years ago that even I found it hard to recognize. My old life was behind me, and I was never more grateful. Maybe that was why I found such pleasure in the building and the people who surround me now.

I used the high-tech computer app to turn the lights on in the hallways and then strolled through the main floor, checking for any that might have burned out. When all the stairwells were lit, and the gym was up and running, I darted toward the café. Kontakt Café was a full-service coffee bar and sandwich shop. Our baristas would be in shortly, which meant it was my job to get everything ready for them to start serving up caffeine to the perpetually tired.

Once the lights were on, I patted the large etched satellite on the window for good luck before heading back to the elevators. My last job before I retired to my desk for a bit of uninterrupted work time was to check the floors between the first and the tenth to make sure they were ready for the day. I could do the stairs, but today I wasn’t feeling it. I decided I’d jump back on the steel cage for a ride to the fourth floor.

Every floor had a specific purpose within the business. Since the second floor was office space for human resources and finance, and the third floor was sales, I could catch those on the way down. It was way too early for any of those paper pushers to be in the office. The fourth floor was engineering, and some of them started their day early, so I always started my floor checks there.

We had in-house engineers who worked on new motors and ergonomic ideas for our sensual aids before they were passed back up to the fifth floor to the design team. Once the design team had put together a new prototype, they handed it off to the sixth floor for testing. Once testing had put the aid through its paces, it went to production. Every aid was made in the building and hand-tested before it was shipped out. The ninth floor held the offices of the CEO and the marketing director. The tenth floor was living quarters. That left shipping and receiving, which were in the bowels of the building. They get their directions from the good people on the second floor, and myself. If you aren’t confused yet, it’s a miracle. I needed a cheat sheet for two months just to find my way to the right floor.

I stepped off the elevator on the fourth floor and did my check of the lounge and breakroom. Everything was in order, but I noticed one light burning in an office off the main hallway. It was too early for the lights to be on in all the offices, but it wasn’t unusual for an engineer to be having a video conference with someone in Germany. I stuck my head in the door to make sure everything was all right and lifted a brow when I spotted the woman behind the desk.

Pia Möller.

Mmmm, she was one hundred percent German goddess. I barely made it through high school, so I had no idea if that was a real thing, but in my mind, she was everything a goddess should be. She was all legs and breasts that left me breathless. Coupled with her bright blue eyes and blonde hair that I wanted to run my fingers through, I could barely form a sentence around her. Her white lab coats did nothing to hide her buxom figure, and her high heels gave her legs for miles. I’d woken up a time or two from dreams of her in my bed, wearing nothing but those heels. She stopped me in my tracks every time she came my way.

When she arrived from Germany shortly after the office opened, she was shy and standoffish. After a few weeks of me bringing her a morning coffee, she lost the attitude and said more than good morning or thank you. After a few months, she started attending private parties that Lars and Serenity hosted for those of us who live on the tenth floor.

Pia was the whole package, and I’d had a schoolboy crush on her since she walked in the door of Kontakt. I wasn’t that smart, but I was smart enough to know she was way out of my league. She had a doctorate in engineering that spanned multiple different subtypes, from what I’d been told, which is why she was the lead engineer at Kontakt. Lars intended to rotate engineers from Germany to train U.S. engineers hired here, but he struggled to find anyone interested or qualified to do the work. When she arrived almost three years ago, she was only supposed to be here for six months. She didn’t look to be going home anytime soon. I wasn’t complaining. I would enjoy our exchanges for what they were, harmless flirting, but I would never ask her out.

While her goddess features turned me on, her brain scared me. That said, I still loved spending time with her. She was surprisingly down to earth and easy to talk to. We would share witty banter until she would eventually say something I didn’t understand. Not long after that, we’d both walk away uncomfortably. It was those interactions that reminded me she’d never date a guy like me. There was nothing like being embarrassed in front of the woman you had a crush on. It happened all the time with Pia.

I was stellar at knowing when what I had to offer someone was less than what they deserved. That was definitely the case with Pia. The fact that she lived in the apartment next to mine didn’t help matters. I ran into her in the hallway several times a day, which made it all too easy to sit out on the patio and think about what she might be doing behind closed doors.

I cleared my throat before I spoke. “Pia? Everything okay?”

She glanced up, and immediately I noticed a problem. I walked farther into the room and motioned at her head. “Looks like you have a situation.”

She waved the hand not holding a chunk of blonde locks. “No problem, Seth.” Her cheeks flushed pink when I stopped in front of her desk.

“It looks like a problem to me. What are you hiding in your hand?” I asked, not making a move to leave.

“I was retesting a prototype the design team insisted had a problem. I did not believe them, but they were right.” She let go of what she was holding and a sensual aid swung like a pendulum from her hair. “You do not laugh, Seth Decker.”

I held up my hands. “I’m not laughing, but you have found yourself in quite an awkward predicament. How can I help?”

“Would you consider calling Serenity down to help me untangle this? I do not want to cut my hair.”

I brushed my hand at her and skirted the desk. “Why bother Serenity when I’m here? I can have you free of your little BDSM mishap in no time.”

She huffed at me but refused to make eye contact. “It is not a BDSM mishap. The prototype team insisted the motor had issues. I insisted it did not.”

I started unraveling her hair from a small device the size of my pinkie finger. “Who was right?”

“I believe the current picture would answer such question,” she snarked, and I snickered.

“I believe it does except for the part where you tell me why it’s wound up in your hair.” I was careful, but there were still strands of long blonde hair tangled up in the device as I freed her.

She motioned at her hair. “They said the motor was too strong and would grab clothes and hair. It did not grab clothes…”

“And you decided to try hair. Probably should have found a mannequin for that test.” I finally got the device free and handed it to her. “Seth to the rescue.”

When she took it from my hands, the shiver of desire that skittered through me was dangerous. Extremely dangerous. Pia wasn’t the kind of woman to look twice at a guy like me, so falling for her was a surefire way to get a broken heart. That was the last thing I needed.

“Thank you, Seth. I guess it is, what do you say, back to the drawing board?”

I gave her a finger gun. “That’s what we say. Maybe it just needs a tweak here or there. It’s smaller than most of our devices.”

She twisted it left then right. “The motor inside will be used to power several small aids, including a new couple’s ring. They put it in this silicone to test it, but I do not understand this. It worked exactly as it should when I sent it up there.”

I sat on the edge of her desk and swung my leg. “Maybe something broke on it when they put the casing around it?”

She tossed it on her desk and rubbed her weary face. “If that is so, then it is garbage, and I must begin again. I engineered it for an aid that must withstand great forces.”

I resisted the urge to pat her shoulder for as long as I could, but eventually, I gave in. Her shoulder was strong but soft, and I knew my hand would smell of her sweet perfume all day. “You’re the best engineer in two countries. You’ll figure it out, but only if you get some sleep.”

She brushed her hand at me and leaned back in her desk chair. “Sleep is for the weak. I will sleep when I am dead.”

I snorted and shook my head. Germans. They all spoke extremely formal English. I’d never heard a contraction fall from their lips. They were also workaholics, at least until they found someone else to do with their time. Yes, I meant someone and not something. I had seen it happen twice already with Lars and Gretchen. I had no doubt it would happen again with Pia once she returned to Germany.

If she returns to Germany, my subconscious reminded me. I shook my head. She would be going back. Her visa wouldn’t last forever.

“Well, Miss Sleep is for the Weak, this guy had better finish his rounds of the building and get back to his desk. The building won’t run itself.”

“Buildings tend to stand on their own,” she said, lifting a brow.

I stood up and pushed my pants legs down evenly. “I didn’t say stand. I said run, and this one needs a steady hand at the helm, or all hell breaks loose.”

I walked to the door and turned back when she called my name. “Yes, Pia?” I asked, eyeing her as she stood behind the desk again, her beauty making my groin tighten with anticipation. I had to pray I didn’t embarrass myself before I got to the elevator.

“Thank you for your help. My hair and I appreciate it.”

I patted the doorframe with my hand. “Anytime, Pia. Have a good day.”

She sashayed out from behind her desk, and I swallowed back the moan that bubbled up in my chest. Those heels were going to be the death of me if I didn’t stop staring. “I would like to thank you properly.”

I swallowed hard, wondering what a proper thank you was in Germany. God, let it be a sweet kiss and not bitter beer. “Not necessary. Friends help out friends here at Kontakt.”

“That is true, but it gives me a reason to see you again and to, what do you say, chillin?”

I tipped my head to the side. “Chillax?” She nodded, and I grinned. “You need to do that more. You work too much.”

“Says many others, too. I would like to chillax with you tonight. Do you know of a good place to chillax?”

I worked hard not to laugh at the way she said the word. It was hilarious but endearing.

“I know quite a few great places. I would love to chillax with you this evening. Should I knock at seven?”

She nodded once in her usual German perfunctory way. “I will look forward to it.”

What spurred me forward, I couldn’t say, but I placed a kiss on her cheek. “Me too. See you at seven.”

I waved, a smile on my face when I walked back down the hallway. There was a spring in my step, and it was put there by a beautiful German goddess on a sunny Friday morning.

German CEO Lars Jäger is ready to start an American sexual revolution. His business is sex wrapped up in a vibrating bow, but no one is buying. When the stunningly beautiful Serenity Matthews signs on as his marketing director, he knows she will turn his business around as quickly as she turned his head. Serenity is the forbidden fruit, and Lars can’t stop himself from taking a bite … consequences be damned.


Katie Mettner writes small-town romantic tales filled with epic love stories and happily-ever-afters. She proudly wears the title of, 'the only person to lose her leg after falling down the bunny hill,' and loves decorating her prosthetic with the latest fashion trends. She lives in Northern Wisconsin with her own happily-ever-after and three mini-mes. Katie has a massive addiction to coffee and Twitter, and a lessening aversion to Pinterest -- now that she's quit trying to make the things she pins.

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