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Isolated Threat ~ A Badlands Cops Novel by Nicole Helm

I don't usually review books in series like this, but I love this series, and I just finished the fourth book. Since I wanted to put up my review of Isolated Threat, I thought I'd put up a review of all the books I've read in this series so far. (There are 6 total)

South Dakota Showdown

He finally escaped his past…Then she appeared on his doorstep.

Sheriff Jamison Wyatt has spent his life helping his loved ones elude his father’s ruthless gang of thugs, the Sons of the Badlands. But he’s never forgotten Liza Dean, the one who got away. Now Liza’s sister, a child, is caught in the gang’s most horrifying crime yet—and only Jamison can help her retrieve the little girl from her captors. With only each other in the isolation of the unforgiving South Dakota landscape, can they infiltrate the crime syndicate before it’s too late?

Covert Complication

She ran away to protect herself. Now she’s back to save her family.

Nina Oaks tried to forget Agent Cody Wyatt, but her old feelings come flooding back the moment she sees his face again. Now she’s in danger—and so is Cody’s daughter. He’ll do anything to protect them both, even if that means confronting the most dangerous men in the Badlands.

Backcountry Escape

Their mission is clear.

Stay low. Catch a killer.

When Badlands ranger Felicity Harrison finds two bodies while hiking, she’s shocked to discover she’s being framed for murder. Family friend and sheriff’s deputy Gage Wyatt vows to help Felicity find the real killer. But their camping escape into the Badlands will mean facing the elements, their growing attraction and a madman who doesn’t just want Felicity framed—but silenced for good.

Isolated Threat

They’ll stop at nothing to protect a child.

Ever since he escaped his father’s biker gang, sheriff’s deputy Brady Wyatt has never looked back. Then Cecilia Mills asks Brady to help her hide a child from the delinquent crew. But when threats impact the safety of the makeshift family, will they find a way to protect themselves…or will the Sons of the Badlands take the child back into its dangerous grip?


Once again, Nicole grabs you on page one and doesn't let go. Cecelia Mills is a 'Knight' girl and that makes her off-limits to Brady Wyatt. His code of honor says those girls are untouchable, even if his brothers have all found happiness with Knight girls. None of that matters though when Cecelia shows up at his apartment with a bundle that isn't hers. She needs help and when someone needs help in the Knight family, they go straight to the Wyatt family. This time would be no different, except that the underlying sexual tension between Brady and Cecelia might smolder into a fire if they spend too much time together.

Brady and Cecelia are both cops, Brady for the county and Cecelia for the rez. They both know that dealing with the Sons of the Badlands, a gang run by Brady's father, is dangerous at best and deadly at worst. When Cecelia reveals that the baby she's hiding for his mother is the son of a Sons member, Brady is more than a little nervous; for the child and for their safety.

Knowing the only way to protect Mak is to leave, he and Cecelia leave the baby in the capable hands of their family and take off to lead Elijah away from the family. Danger ensues, Cecelia and Brady race against the clock to stay ahead of Elijah and his band of deadly men, and the whole time, Brady can't stop thinking about the kiss Cecelia laid on him in December. It isn't long and she's kissing him again, showing him that his code of honor is doing more harm than good, to him, and to her.

I liked that we got to see a different Brady Wyatt in this book. He's always been the quiet, precise, honorable twin. Cecelia brings out the protective side of him that he can't always keep locked behind that cool demeanor. A demeanor he holds strongly to because it's how he hides his anger about his father and having grown up in a gang of thugs. He comes to realize he needs Cecelia and the way she grounds him and understands that what he went through as a child will always be the reason why he reacts the way he does.

Once again, Isolated Threat is a fast-paced, danger laden, bullet flying, knife welding thrill ride through the Badlands of South Dakota. You'll just keep turning the pages until the book finishes with a HEA that is sweet and wonderful for everyone. The ending also reminds you that there are a few more Wyatt boys left to fight their demons and find their true love. You definitely want to check out A Badlands Cops series!


Backcountry Escape was fire from the first page! I love this series and it keeps getting better with each book. I totally expected Felicity to get together with Brady in this book and was taken aback when his twin, Gage, is the one to come to her rescue. Oh, but wait, he's not rescuing her because Felicity handles her own business. He's supporting her as she's framed by his father, Ace, head of the Sons in the Badlands who is in jail, but still manages to pull the strings until his will is done.

Felicity is a park ranger, a badass park ranger, in the Badlands. She doesn't scare easily, but having grown up with the Wyatt brothers, she's smart enough to know Ace is someone to be afraid of. When her past walks back into her life, everything she thinks she knows ceases to exist. Nothing makes sense. Nothing but the fact that she's on Ace Wyatt's radar and that's not a place anyone wants to be. Framed for murder, she has to rely on the Wyatt boys and her family to keep her out of jail. She won't survive in jail, she depends on the great outdoors to stay sane, and Gage knows it.

Gage. Police detective. Son of Ace Wyatt. Twin of Brady. Jokester. In love with Felicity, and dreamy AF. The greatest part about Gage is that he notices Felicity. He really sees who she is and how she has changed since they were kids. No one else in his family seems to be able to see it.

Felicity always not so secretly lusted after Brady, but she comes to realize that's because he was safe and she always looked for safety after what happened to her as a child. Gage wasn't safe. Gage was dangerous to her heart, but his support and help in her time of need were too much to ignore.

As always, the action was practically nonstop from beginning to end as they all fought Ace and the Sons to save Felicity from Ace's revenge. She had a few tricks of her own up her sleeve and while they got her in hot water sometimes, she didn't let the Wyatt brothers take over for her.

Now I'm SERIOUSLY looking forward to Brady's book. I *think* I know who will be making his blood boil, but as always with Ms. Helm, you never really know until you crack open the book. If you're looking for a family saga with lots of hot guys, badass women, and a bad guy to end all bad guys, you definitely want to check out the Badland Cops novels! 


I love the Wyatt family and Cover Complication didn't disappoint in bringing them all back together in their eternal fight to bring down the patriarch of the family, Ace Wyatt. It was Cody who put his father away in the first book, but now he regrets not having killed him when he had the chance.

When his old flame, Nina, rides back into his life, in the back of an ambulance, she brings a little girl with her, Brianna, and none of it makes sense to the stoic Cody. He was still angry with Nina for walking away from him seven years ago and he has no intention of forgiving her now. Until she divulges her secrets and reveals a few of Ace's Cody didn't know about.

Ace might be behind bars, but someone is still pulling the strings for him in the Sons of the Badland gang. It's up to Cody and Nina to figure out if they're going to protect what Ace wants most of all. Brianna.

They don't have to do it alone, though, and with the help of the entire Wyatt, and Duke, family, they just might walk away from this complication with their lives.

If you're looking for a fast-paced, action-packed series, you definitely want to check out The Badland Cops series!


South Dakota Showdown was action from beginning to end! I love Harlequin Intrigues because they are fast-paced and action-packed but also a quick read. South Dakota Showdown did not disappoint in any of those factors. When you first meet Jamison, a small-town cop, and Liza, you know instantly they're old flames. They might hate each other now, but somewhere in their past, they were lovers. Within a few chapters you come to realize that Jamison doesn't hate Liza, he regrets that he couldn't keep her from the clutches of her father and his, the two men who run a South Dakota Gang called the Sons. Jamison rescued all of the Wyatt brothers and Liza, but Liza didn't stay out, she went back, and he never knew why. Now, fifteen years later, he knows. She went back for her sisters. She went back to try and do the same thing he did for his brothers. She went back to save them, even if she died trying.

When a bullet comes out of nowhere, it's obvious she might, but Liza has a 4-year-old sister being held somewhere by the Sons and she wants her back. She can't find her and the only person she knows who can and WILL help her is Jamison. She's desperate and even accepts his distrust of her, the one man she always loved, to get help for her little sister.

What ensues is a tense, high-pressure game of cat and mouse as they try to outwit Ace Wyatt and his band of not so merry men. Surprises crop up constantly for the two old flames, but the last thing they expect to surprise them is the love they've held onto for each other all these years. Faced with a tough choice, Jamison and Liza have to put aside their wants for the future and focus on the present, saving Gigi and other girls from a sex trafficking ring.

When all is said and done, Jamison and Liza know they still aren't safe from the Sons but they're willing to live their lives together despite that knowledge. I loved Jamison, Liza, Grandma Pauline, Gigi, Cody, and Dev (two of the six Wyatt brothers). I can't wait for the next book in the series to find out about the mysterious Cody and Dev and what they get themselves involved in. If you're looking for a fast-paced, well-written, quick intrigue read, then you'll love South Dakota Showdown! 

Nicole Helm is the bestselling author of down-to-earth contemporary romance and fast-paced romantic suspense. From farmers to cowboys, midwest to the west, she writes stories about people finding themselves and finding love in the process.

She lives with her husband and two young sons in Missouri enjoying Cardinals baseball and dreams about someday owning a barn.

You can contact her via email: or visit her website:

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