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Cupcake Cover Reveal and Release!

I have a surprise release for you today! Cupcake, book 1 of The Fluffy Cupcake Series, is available on Amazon! Release day is Friday, August 7, but you can pre-order this fun, flirty summer romance now. Let me tell you why I wrote this book. I got a writing prompt from an editor at Harlequin about a close proximity romance. You didn't have much for word count, but I had this brilliant idea. So, I wrote it and LOVED it. I was disappointed when I went to put the scene up on the blog post only to find that the Facebook post had left out that it couldn't be a workplace romance scene! That didn't matter. I loved Haylee and Brady so much by then I decided I had to write all the way around that scene until I had written their story. I'll post that excerpt below and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! The book will be priced at .99cents and is in KU! Yes, there is a paperback as well, but that will take a few days to go live.

My name is Brady Pearson, and I’ve been baking at The Fluffy Cupcake for seven years.

I’ve been in love with her the whole time.

Haylee Davis. The Fluffy Cupcake’s owner and baker extraordinaire.

She regards her fluffiness with disdain. I regard her fluffiness with so damn much desire it’s becoming impossible to hide it day after day.

This summer, I’m putting her on notice. She will be my cupcake by July thirteenth. That’s the day she turns the big 3-OH. And OH, am I going to take pleasure in showing her how to live again.

Haylee might be my boss, but I know how to stay hands-off in the bakery. I’ll save those hands for the bedroom where they’ll roam over every one of her curves like the beautiful, delectable, sweet cupcake she is. The time has come to teach Haylee there is more to life than baking sweet confections, and I’m the perfect guy for the job.

Is it possible?

I don’t know, but I have to try because there is no point in staying here if I can’t have my cake and eat it, too.

The air vents of the walk-in cooler blew a whisper of cold air across my neck. I might have noticed the shiver of charged electricity run down my spine if it weren’t for the aggravation filling my soul. “Where are my eggs?”

Nothing annoyed me more than being told my station was ready for the day only to find a key ingredient missing. I was going to hunt him down and—the eggs are still on the shelf!

“Gah! It must be Monday,” I griped to the empty, cold space. I grabbed the tray and backed up to the door, nudging the handle with my generous bottom. It didn’t budge. I pushed on it again, expecting the latch to click over, but it wasn’t opening. “Great! Now I’m locked in the cooler!”

I absolutely did not need this today. I had a ton of orders to finish before we opened, and it was already five a.m. It didn’t help that I had the slightest hangover from my excessive and embarrassing drinking escapades. I wanted to groan every time I thought about spending hours with Brady last night with my filter disabled. Drunk Haylee said things sober Haylee never would have said. Brady knew it, too. He definitely took advantage of the situation. At least when it came to getting me to talk about things I otherwise wouldn’t talk about. Not going to lie, sober Haylee hates him a little bit because of it. Okay, she doesn’t, but sober Haylee is embarrassed and wishes she could do that night over.

I balanced the tray on one arm while I flicked the emergency button on with my free hand. That would shut down the cold air and alert those in the kitchen that I needed help. In the meantime, I had to cool my heels in here, quite literally.

“Did someone say locked in the cooler?”

Surprised by the intrusion, I spun around, jostling the eggs when the end of the tray clipped a shelf. Several smashed against my white uniform, leaving streaks of disgusting yellow goo dripping down my chest.

“Seriously, Brady!” I exclaimed, setting the remaining eggs down and searching for a towel.

He flicked his down off his shoulder and started swiping at my coat. “Sorry, I thought you knew I was in here.”

I angrily snatched the towel away. I didn’t like his hand so close to my chest or the way he caressed my breasts with every brush of the microfiber towel. Well, that wasn’t entirely true. I liked it, but I would never let on. I thought about the conversation we’d had last night and decided I didn’t need to egg him on. See what I did there? I snorted at my own joke until his statement brought me back to the present.

“Why would I know that? You’re always off doing something other than your job,” I grumped. “I had no eggs at my workstation!” My hands flailed around while bits of eggshell floated through the air like confetti.

Brady shook his head with a sexy smile on his face. “You wear egg yolks surprisingly well, cupcake, but then again, you wear everything well.”

He was not taking me seriously and it was starting to piss me off. “The eggs, Brady. Why are they in here and not out there?” I asked, the volume of my voice increasing with each word.

When he grasped my wrist and lowered my arm, I couldn’t help but notice his hand was still incredibly warm, even after standing in the cooler. I was starting to shiver, but if he kept touching me, I’d be hot and bothered in no time.

“The eggs were still in here because the recipe requires cold eggs. I couldn’t put them out until you were ready for them. Obviously, you didn’t read my note.”

I tossed my hand up, the one he wasn’t holding onto—still. “I didn’t see a note! I have a ton of work to do and now I’m stuck in here with you!”

His lid came down in a wink of sexiness that had me swallowing hard. “Anyone ever tell you that you’re sexy as hell when you’re all riled up.”

“You’re skating on razor-thin ice of sexual harassment, Brady,” I said from between clenched teeth. Something in his smoldering expression of explosive maleness told me he didn’t care.

He took a step closer to me until his white coat was sharing the splattering of yolks with mine. He pressed his hot, hard chest into mine and backed me up against the cooler rack. The contrast of temperatures was startling. The cold against my back grounded me while the heat of him against my breasts made them tingle with desire and anticipation. I hated and loved every single second of it.

“Really? Razor-thin?” he asked. I barely nodded and tried to swallow over the lump in my throat. “All I can say is, after seven years, it’s sure as hell time to fall in.” His warm lips landed on mine, and in surprise, I grabbed the front of his coat and held on for dear life.



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