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Author Katie Mettner

Tart Cover Reveal and Release!

The time has arrived! That's right, you've been asking when TART would release, and my answer is NOW :) Preorder is live on Amazon and the book releases Friday, September 18! If you read CUPCAKE, you got the teaser chapter for TART and met Bishop Halla, a teacher who just happens to think Amber is his sweet meant to be. Too bad Amber doesn't believe in love anymore. She's about to learn that Bishop is Finnish, and they don't give up easily. Read on for the 411 on Tart and if you haven't read Cupcake, don't forget to grab that one, too. You'll love Brady and Haylee! Both Cupcake and Tart are .99 or free in Kindle Unlimited. Don't forget to sign up at the bottom for the giveaway!

My name is Bishop Halla, and I believe in love at first sight.

The problem is, the woman I’m in love with doesn’t.

Amber Larson. The face of The Fluffy Cupcake. She’s the sweetest tart in the bakery case, and I want nothing more than to take a bite. 

The other problem is, I can see through the smile she uses to hide her excruciating pain and halting limp. She needs help, fast, and I’m just the man for the job.

What’s my plan?

It’s simple. I’ll propose.

For her, it’s a marriage of convenience.

For me, it’s the real deal.

I have thirty days to teach this beautifully broken woman that her past doesn’t have to dictate her future. I’ll start by showing my little tart that the right man will fill her nights with pleasure rather than pain. Her tight, lithe body and plump, kissable lips assure me it will be the most titillating lesson I’ve ever taught.

Is it possible?

I don’t know, but I have to try because If I fail, it will spell disaster for The Fluffy Cupcake, the entire town of Lake Pendle, and most of all, my heart.


I was checking dates on the bread when the bell over the door dinged again. “I’ll be right with you,” I said without turning, wanting to finish the shelf I was on so I didn’t have to start over.

“You betcha,” a voice said from behind me. “I’ll stand here and admire the goods.”

I spun around when I realized the voice was vaguely familiar. My gasp was audible when I saw Bishop standing in front of me. Or was he behind me? I shook my head at myself but resisted the eye roll waiting in the wings. I didn’t want him to think I was rolling them at him.

“Hey,” I said lamely, wishing I was way less socially awkward around men. “Welcome to The Fluffy Cupcake. I guess you finally found time to stop in.”

He smiled and stuck his hands in his pockets, bouncing up on his toes. “Today was only a half-day of school, so I thought maybe I’d celebrate the end of the year with a cupcake. The ones we had last week at the graduation ceremony were addicting.”

“You’ve come to the right place,” I said, plastering a smile on my face as I walked by him. “We still have a few in the case, which is unusual for this time of day. If you’re a serious connoisseur, you’re here before prime cupcake hour.”

“Prime cupcake hour?” he asked, perplexed, while he stared into the case.

“It’s a thing,” I promised, leaning on the counter with my hip. “If you don’t believe me, stop by between the hours of ten-thirty and noon.”

He pointed at me and smiled. “I just might do that. I’m always into new adventures, and since school is out for the summer, I’ll have lots of time on my hands.”

The way he said new adventures sent a shiver down my spine. The look on his face when I glanced up made me swallow hard around the lump in my throat. He was making conversation, but he was eyeing me like a lion eyes its prey.

I cleared my throat and plastered on the smile I use for little, sweet old ladies and incorrigible elderly gentlemen. “Maybe I can interest you in a new flavor of cupcake.” I motioned to the case. “I have some Berry Sinful, and some Raspberry Delights left.”

“What are those?” he asked, pointing at a pan below the cupcakes.

“Miniature raspberry lemonade tarts,” I answered.

“Tarts,” he said with a question in his tone.

“You know, a pastry crust filled with, in this case, lemon cream cheese, and topped with fresh raspberries and powdered sugar. It’s very tempting, a little sassy, a little sweet, and a lot yummy.”

When his eyes met mine in the next moment, I wanted to whimper at the look they held. If eyes could lick their lips, his would, and they were looking at me like I’d be their next meal. “That could be your nickname,” he said, his eyes never straying from mine. “Tart.”

I put my hand on my hip and huffed. “I am not promiscuous!”

He waved his hand in the air. “Not that definition of the word. Rather the one you just described. You’re very tempting, a little sassy, a lot sweet, and probably even more yummy. Anyway, I will definitely take one of those and also a Berry Sinful. I see cream cheese stuffed in the middle of that strawberry, and I’m all about stuffed strawberries dipped in chocolate.”

I was trying to make my brain work again after his little declaration. Those things he said about me were so far from the truth that they were laughable. At the same time, the way he said them raced a shiver up my spine. What should have been an easy transaction had become dangerously flirty and out of my comfort zone. I cleared my throat before I spoke to avoid my voice sounding like a whimper. “Excellent choice,” I said as I started packaging them up. “The Berry Sinful cupcake was last year’s Lake Pendle Cupcake Bake-off champion. Haylee competes every year.”

He held up his finger. “And wins every year?” I nodded, and he grasped his wallet from his back pocket. “Odd that they’d let a professional compete.”

“You don’t know the half of it,” I said, leaning on the counter with my palms. “Oh, that’s right. You’re new here. I’ll have to tell you the story someday.”

“I’d like that, Amber.”

The way he said my name made me swallow hard around the desire that filled me. I wanted him to leave immediately and stay forever. The fact that I had to war with those two emotions told me I needed to get him gone now.

“What do I owe you?” he asked, motioning at the box.

I thrust it toward him and waved away his money. “Consider it your welcome to Lake Pendle. Thanks for stopping by The Fluffy Cupcake.”

He accepted the box and smiled. I hated how much I liked the way it made his green eyes light up like a Christmas tree. “Thank you. A tart from a tart,” he said, holding up the box and winking. I swear I whimpered when his lashes brushed his cheek—men with lashes that long should be outlawed.

What is wrong with you, woman? Get a grip.

“Are you busy later?” he asked as he backed up toward the door.

“No, why?” I asked before I stopped long enough to think about it. Crap.

“I was hoping you could tell me the rest of the cupcake story,” he said, lifting the box in the air.

What do I do now? I just told him I didn’t have any plans, so I can’t pretend that changed in the last two seconds.

“Oh, I don’t want to bore you with all of that,” I squeaked, brushing my hand at him.

“You couldn’t possibly bore me. You have to eat, and I have to eat, so we could eat together while you tell me the story. I would love to make some friends in Lake Pendle that don’t work at the school. It’s boring talking about the same stuff with the same people all the time.”

“Okay, sure,” I said before I could stop myself. “I know what it’s like to see the same people all the time. I work here with my best friend, and I get tired of talking about cupcakes and bread all the time.”

“I knew you’d understand,” he said on a grin. “How about seven? I can pick you up if you’d like.”

I waved my hand at my neck. “I’ll probably still be here.”

I wouldn’t be, but I didn’t want him to know where I lived just yet.

“I’ll pick you up here then? I thought we could check out The Modern Goat. I hear they have great food.”

“They do,” I finally agreed. “I’ll see you here at seven.”

“I’m looking forward to it, Amber. See you then.” He waved, opened the door, and headed down the street with a spring in his step.

I lowered myself to a chair and put my head in my hands. What did I just do?


Unknown said...

Loved Cuocake...looks like Tart is going to be a sweet read too!

Katie said...

Sweet with just a hint of steam left on that tart ;)

Kate b. said...

Thanks for the chance

rbooth43 said...

Thanks for the chance!