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Bullies Are Us

Last night I read Grayson The BULLY Frog with Ted and Raymond. It's a children's book about frogs who deal with a bully in the pond. When Grayson starts bullying and calling Ted names, his feelings get hurt especially when his friend Raymond doesn't stand up for him. 

The book continues with very well written dialogue and great illustrations until the issue is resolved. I agreed to review it and I liked the book! I wish the book had been available when my own daughter was being bullied. 

My Review: 

I picked up Grayson the Bully with the hopes of finding a book that my 4 year old nephew would enjoy and would help teach him about the importance of standing up to bullies. Ms. Patton has given us a very simplistic, but well written and illustrated, children's book to help us navigate the growing complexities of bullies in our nation. It isn't always easy, but the greatest point in the book is to tell someone so they can help you. I especially liked when the bully takes on two more bullies with words. This book is very well done and can be used for any child, one who is being bullied, one who is bullying, or to prevent bullying. As a mother with a child who was bullied I wish I had this book way back when. The illustrations will keep your child interested and the words will teach them the message that bullying is bad!

I give Grayson The Bully Frog 5 coffee cups!

Last night as I was reading the book I was thinking I could do a blog post about how my daughter was bullied, and how this would have been a great book to have back then. Then I got up this morning, and before my second cup of coffee I had already dealt with one bully. 

I so tried to make that true, but after five cups things were still not solved. You see I'm Presbyterian, no big deal right? Yeah, I didn't think it was either until this morning, when I was told I'm a sinner. I'm a sinner because my denomination voted to allow our clergy to marry gay couples in states where it's legal, and change the church constitution to reflect marriage as 'two persons'. This really isn't anything surprising. As Presbyterians we have had gay pastors for a lot of years. Why? It's simple really, we believe that everyone is welcome in our church. EVERYONE. Regardless of their sex, religion, sexual preference, job status, or sins. It's that thing we like to call "being Christians." So what I finally decided, after I had another cup of coffee, was this. If being Presbyterian, and accepting and loving everyone for who they are, makes me a sinner, well then I'll be a sinner all day long, because at least I'm not

At least when I'm standing before my God atoning for my sins, judging others isn't one of those. 
At lunchtime an author friend of mine messaged me and said, "Someone marked all my reviews as unhelpful, again!" Last week when it happened we thought it was just a troll out to annoy authors everywhere, but when it happened again today, to just the two new reviews, we knew it wasn't a troll. We don't know who it is, or why they would think marking another readers review as 'unhelpful', would somehow negatively affect the author (it won't by the way). These reviews are left by readers, and bloggers, who have spent a good amount of time reading and reviewing the book. Marking reviews unhelpful (unless they are erroneously judgmental or purposely mean) only hurts the reviewer in their rankings on Amazon. That leads me to believe it was likely a blogger who is angry, or another author who doesn't understand the system, not just a random troll. Regardless it's still bullying. At some point we all have to grow up and realize that we can have differing opinions without verbally or physically hurting another person. 

TO TODAY'S BULLIES: I hope you both have a chance to read Rhonda Patton's Grayson the BULLY Frog. I don't think we are ever too old to change our ways and stop hurting other people. 

TO THE READERS: Thank you for continuing to read and review books. Authors appreciate the time and effort you put into these reviews, and I pray that the actions of a few bad bullfrogs don't ruin the pond for the rest of us. 

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