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Flying the Faithful Skies

As you read in a previous blog post I have been trying to finish Sugar's Faith for a while now. A few weeks ago a friend (also my editor) sent me this picture.

I won't lie, I fully expected Him to be catching me just before I hit the ground. She kept saying, "Just have faith, I know you're going to fly!" Have I mentioned I'm afraid of heights? Just this past February I had to fly for the first time in my 38 years. I had to get into a bulky metal object and go hurling down a runway in hopes that the metal monstrosity stayed in the air and got me to where I was going. I prayed the WHOLE way. The flight back wasn't quite as bad, maybe because I had faith that I'd make it in one piece. Well, ironically the title of the book I started on that flight was Sugar's Faith, and ironically one of the main characters was struggling with his faith. Fast forward a few months and I knew I needed to finish this book. The Lord kept backing me up to the edge of the cliff and I kept pushing back, afraid of those 'friendly skies'. No way was I gonna belly flop into open air and wait around to see what was gonna happen. Nope, nope, nope, did I say nope? So I stared at that manuscript, and it's measly 54,000 words and waited, and waited. I started listening to Sugar's voice, and slowly let her tell the story. The next paragraph had me at the precipice of willingly jumping into the air, or staying safely on the ground and ignoring her. That's when I got this from my daughter. 

She said, "I made you a song to listen to when you get writers block on Sugar's Faith. It's called Faith Overflow." I clicked the link (please do, it's beautiful :) ) and listened to the music flow around me. Since I write with voice recognition, I started to speak and let the music fill me. In a matter of minutes the edge of that waterfall disappeared and I was in the air. I waited to land in the cold, dark water below, but it didn't happen. I kept speaking and speaking, and pretty soon I realized I was soaring. I was up there with that flow of air under my belly keeping me aloft, so I kept telling Sugar's story. Really I was telling my story, and every amputee woman's story, who has ever dealt with the issues in this book. I would have said I was on a roll, but I wasn't on the ground. I was in the air, and I was gliding like an eagle in flight. 

Last night I was getting ready to land. I was writing the last 100 words or so when my kids demanded cake. Cake? Now? When I'm THIS close to finishing Sugar's story? (insert fingers held together and kids squinting). I absently got them cake and flopped some Cool Whip on it (mom of the year, but hey the cake was homemade), then went back to my chair. At 9:09 I landed safely on the ground, 97,000 words later. It was pretty easy to see He had taught me how to fly. I had faith, and as always happens, the end of her beginning is now exactly what it should be. I went to bed exhausted, and this morning at 5:49 when making coffee, I looked over at the offending cake, and saw this. 

God Bless Faith

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