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Coffee 2.0

A few weeks ago I got an email that said:

Whoop Whoop! I got a #Kloutperk! I love my perks and I've gotten several very cool perks in the past, but my hand hesitated on the click button because, do you see what I see? Did it just tell me that Keurig wants to give me a coffee maker? Well hell's bells I clicked on that sucker!

Now, before I go any further I must put my disclaimer here "I was given a free product or sample because I'm a Klout influencer (DARN RIGHT!). I am under no obligation to receive the sample or talk about this company (But I REALLY love coffee!). Blah blah blah. I get no additional benefits for talking about this product or company." 

Okay, now that I got that out of the way let's get back to the story! So I click over to the perk and lo and behold it was claiming they were going to send me the new Keurig 2.0 because I'm a #coffee influencer. Ya think? I only have the hashtag #coffee in 9 out of 10 tweets I send. It stands to reason though since:
  1. I'm addicted to coffee.
  2. The main character in my first book series is addicted to coffee, and LOVES her Keurig.
  3. The main character in the first book of my second series owns a coffee shop.
  4. I inherited the coffee gene from my father.
  5. Coffee makes my world go round.
  6. I love coffee. 
So, that explains my reasons for loving coffee. Now, back to the perk. So I start filling out the requirements to claim the perk. The whole time I'm saying to my kids, "This has got to be a joke. I bet I'll just get entered to win one of these and you know I NEVER win anything. I finish filling out the stuff, tweet it and click done. This comes up: 

My perk will arrive in 1-2 weeks, mmmmmmhhhhhmmmmmmk. Now by the looks of that email I'm getting the Keurig 2.0 brewing system, right? Well my little heart was pitter pattering every time I made coffee and thought about getting this new machine! I did research (just in case it actually showed up) and read some articles about the brewer and what it would be able to do (because maybe it also cooks your meals or something for you?) And I waited. I didn't wait long because exactly one week later Fed-Ex shows up at my door. What is he carrying? 

This box! Coffee Nirvana has arrived! I tore open the box and my husband pulled out the big machine. 

What? I told you I'm addicted to coffee, are you surprised by the coffee selfie? Okay, I have crazy eyes in that picture, I'm not a good selfie taker, but I digress. I open up the box, take it all out, and swallow hard at the instruction "booklet". How about novel? It was a little daunting until I released every language in the known universe was in the book, so I quickly found the English section and figured out how to make this baby work. (First time I've ever had to read a manual to make coffee. It's usually rinse, filter, coffee, on.) I was pleased that they had included several boxes of coffee pods and set about making my first cup. 

Mmmmmmm coffee. It was SO good! Better than any coffee I've brewed to date, and I'm not just saying that. There was just something different about it, then I realized it tasted almost like French press coffee. So I enjoyed that cup and then my husband said, "Where's mine?" Erm, I drank it? Sounds like the perfect reason to make a carafe!

So I set that baby to brew 5 cups of coffee (yes that's a small carafe of coffee) and it brewed it in about one minute, no lie. That too tasted like a French press coffee. It brewed so fast I figure even if I have company and need 10 cups I can make two carafes. Two carafes you say? Did it come with two? Nope, it sure didn't, but it did come with an additional Kloutperk so on Sunday I got the stainless steel carafe shipped to me for, you guessed it, free! So now in under two minutes I will be able to make 2 carafes of coffee when I have company. It really doesn't get any better than that. 

The only downside to this maker? They have put in a scanner that won't allow you to use pods that aren't theirs or any reusuable pods. I don't think this is going to last long. The outrage on Facebook about the DRM in the machine is somewhat comical and I have a feeling eventually a reusuable pod will come out that will allow you to use whatever coffee you want. Here is what I found though, this coffee is good and I don't want to drink 30 cups of coffee anymore. I'm happy with a big mug in the morning and then I'm satisfied. I figured out how much coffee I was going through in my 12 cup maker compared to how many pods I'll go through with this. Yup, you guessed it, it won't be anymore expensive, but the coffee will certainly taste better. The massive number of choices of flavors and brands of coffee and tea for this brewer will keep me in business for a long time, but I still think eventually Keurig will have to give in to the demands of the public if they want to sell this machine.  

So what's my point behind this blog post? I don't have one other than:

Keep calm and #Coffee on!

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