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Author Katie Mettner

Do you see what I see?

What do you see when you look at this image? Do you see love? Romance? Empathy? Pity? Or do you see something else? As a woman with special circumstances I'm in this position a lot, being pushed by a family member in my wheelchair (though I tend to do most of it myself, unless my kids are determined they are pushing me. Then watch out!). Sometimes it's my kids pushing the chair down a long haul of a street to get to the pool, but most of the time it's my husband. My very able bodied husband. He's spent a good part of the last 15 years carrying me, emotionally and physically. 

That's us almost 15 years ago, wow how things have changed. I was standing in this picture, and you see a couple about to start their life loving each other as very able bodied people. Or do you see the badly damaged leg under the dress that's barely holding the bride up? 

Four years and two babies later I'm sitting down. Once again you don't see the brace on my left leg, the only thing allowing me to get around every day with two little ones (just 19 months after this picture we welcomed our third baby, another boy).  So what do you see when you see this picture? A busy mom ready to jump up of the couch and run off to Gymboree? Or a woman exhausted from the chronic pain of a disintegrating ankle joint? Do you see the circumstance or do you see the smile? 

Four years after the above picture, this is the picture you would see on a daily basis in my house. What do you see when you see this one compared to the picture of me in the other two? I'm older, my hair has lost it's poodle curl, and my glasses are WAY cooler, right? My husband took this picture the first day our new wheelchair ramp was done for the house. What do you think he saw and was feeling when he snapped this picture? Was it sadness? Excitement? Love? Or something else?

Four years later this was me, doing a photo shoot for my prosthetic company. What do you see in this picture? Do you see happiness? Excitement? Someone loving life? A prosthetic leg? Or something else? 

I will tell you what I see in all three of these pictures. Smiles. Lots and lots of smiles. We've had a our moments of trials and the vows of 'through sickness and health' have definitely applied to our life. When you see someone in a wheelchair look for the smile. If they don't have one, share one with them. Mostly though, always remember that love comes in all shapes, sizes, colors and abilities. 

What do you see in this picture now? 

Thanks for stopping by The View From The Other Side. I'll be on hiatus for a few weeks as I have another leg surgery, but wanted to leave you with something to ponder until I'm back on October 13. The couple in this picture are actually the muses for my new Christmas story that releases on the 13th, December Kiss. Jay Alexander and December Kiss are their names and they meet in the most unusual of ways. Think about what you see in this picture and then read their story. You just might be surprised when you see what love really looks like. Stay well and be kind to one another. 

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