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Author Katie Mettner

Dreaming with Tears in Her Eyes

Excerpt from Combining Dreams:

Cami’s heart pounded even in the dead of night, alone in her now empty bed. Snaking a hand out, she pulled the extra pillow to her chest. Squeezing it tight, her tears flowed to the cotton held by her face as his cologne encircled her. She wanted to be mad, wanted to be pissed off, but that wasn’t fair. They both knew he’d only been in town for the summer, working on his uncle’s ranch to earn some extra money. He’d gone to college like he promised his mother, now it was his turn to do what he wanted, what he was born to do. Cami had not one doubt in her head, had he asked—she’d have followed him. But he didn’t...

I read Combining Dreams a few months ago when it was included in an anthology. I loved it then and I love it now! Cami and Drake's story is so very, very short, but so very, very hot. When Drake leaves Cami for the dream he's been wanting to pursue for years he struggles with the feelings he has for the girl he left behind. When Cami has to watch Drake drive away without her, she knows she would have done anything to be sitting in the front of that truck with him. The next twenty pages are filled with the dreams Cami has of Drake, and remembering the hot, hot summer they spent together. I can't say much more than that because this is a short story, BUT I can say this is definitely worth the read! 

I give Combining Dreams a very HOT 5 Cups!

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Amy Gregory leads an incredibly active lifestyle in Kansas City with her husband and their three fantastic kids who keep them running in three very different directions. Amy is known for her snarky, off the cuff sense of humor, which you’ll find shining through in the characters she’s created. "I’ve spent my whole life trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up, and now I’ve finally found it." – Amy Gregory

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