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Let's Collaborate!

What is Visionary Press Collaborative?

We are a community of writers, editors, artists and business professionals who have the skills to share the day-to-day operations of a business. We believe publishers should work together to achieve their common goal, sell more books to more readers. Our members lead networking events and socialize regularly with non-members. We understand that by promoting others we strengthen our community and mutually benefit our businesses.

Are you taking Submissions for books?

Yes! We have submission guidelines I will list below. For the full list of guidelines you can visit our website at Visionary Press Collaborative. 


Anthologies are open to all authors, published and unpublished. We do not discriminate on publication status. However, the best stories will be selected from all entries. We are looking for well-written stories with original plots. We like character rich stories that make us get involved with the characters. We do not like excessive gore or sexual content unless it is absolutely necessary to the story line. We do not like stories that have weak endings or tired themes. It should go without saying, but; all stories must contain at least one element pertinent to the theme of the anthology. Story length will vary from anthology to anthology but will always be clearly stated in the submission call. Stories not meeting either word count or theme criteria will, generally, not be accepted regardless of the merits of the submission itself.


Novel submissions are also open to all published and never been published authors. Again, we do not discriminate on publication status. We accept submissions in any genre but will NEVER publish any submission containing pedophilia or bestiality. Submissions containing incest or explicit sexual content will be considered if, and ONLY if, it is an integral aspect of the overall manuscript. The most important quality we look for is creative original content that is well written. Make us laugh, make us cry or scare the hell out of us. Just make it a novel we will still be thinking about days later. When submitting your novel, please see formatting guidelines below. Also, please only submit first two chapters and last chapter. If we are interested, we will request the entire novel.

Novella & Short story collections.

 We are also open to Novella and short story collection submissions. Short story collections should be single author only.  We are looking for the same thing in these submissions as mentioned above. Short story collections should be eclectic and show the full range of the author’s talent. Every story should not be the same or another boring variation on the same theme. In short, we want you to thrill us. When submitting a novella, please adhere to formatting guidelines listed below. Please submit first two chapters and last chapter only. For short story collections, please also adhere to formatting guidelines. Please submit three stories which you feel best represent your body of work. We will ask for more if we are interested.

What kinds of books do you work with authors to publish?

We have a little bit of everything at Visionary Press. We have horror, paranormal, and even children's stories. 

Here are a few examples of our books on Amazon.

In the middle of a forest of oaks, a mansion sits, inviting the young and old to explore its depths. On top of the mansion, a carousel, but not just any carousel, this one holds secrets that are soon to be unlocked.

Francine has not only discovered that there is a paranormal world around her, one that includes angels, werewolves, witches, and evil spirits, (along with a few good,) but that she was born into that world. Why was this kept a secret from her for the last 16 years? What happened to her parents when she was 3? Did they really die in a tragic car accident, or was it something more? And what is with this new hunger she has?

Come one, come all! The Sideshow has come to town! This isn't your usual freak show, we have wonders to show you that you will not find anyplace else. Marvel at the Human Illumine, lose yourself in the Amazing Mirror Maze. Come for the Last Show of the Day! We have it all. But be careful, not all is as it appears...danger may lurk in the shadows. There are some things that should be kept in the dark. Ticket please...

Thanks for stopping by and sharing some of your books with us today. Where can authors and writers go to read more about your services?

Our website should be the first place they stop! Visionary Press Blog has lots of pertinent information for writers at You can also email us directly at

You can find us on Facebook here

We are also on Twitter

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