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Sheltered by an Angel's Wings

Today's Author Spotlight is on Katherine Pasour, a Christian fiction author who has written Sheltered by An Angel's Wings. I had the opportunity to read this and it was a great read! You really have to love a long book and a book filled with Biblical principals and passages to find it enjoyable, however. Read on for my review.

College professor Emily Ratliffe finally has the opportunity to satisfy her long-denied wanderlust when her scholarly work is accepted for a presentation in London. Against her husband’s wishes, Emily departs for England, leaving him and their fourteen-year-old daughter behind.

But then the unthinkable happens. A terrorist attack involving biological warfare strikes the conference center, and the attendees and other hotel residents fall dangerously ill. Emily also gets sick, but miraculously recovers; she knows she must use her Christian faith, prayer, and perseverance to assist in healing the other victims of the attack. She enlists the help of the handsome Edward Fitzwilliam, a British special agent working undercover as the hotel manager, and the two develop a close friendship.

Watching the events unfold on the news, Emily’s husband wants her to come home immediately, but she refuses, knowing that she must stay where she is needed. She must tread carefully, however, as her relationship with Edward is skirting the boundaries of friendship. What’s more, she is unaware that a greater threat looms. The terrorists did not achieve their mission, and Emily is now their number one target.

Full of adventure, Sheltered by an Angel’s Wings is a breathtaking tale of love, faith, and perseverance in the midst of tragedy.

Sheltered by an Angel's Wings is a solid Christian story about a woman, Emily, who is determined to use her faith to see her through many trials and tribulations. This book is very interesting in the way it's written in that the story line is wrapped around, and very clearly based, on Biblical principals. Emily relies on her faith and believes in God's promises to His children to get her through the many adventures she finds herself in. There are obvious emotions and feelings between her and the man she meets up with in London, but she stays true to her Christian beliefs and even teaches him some things about being a devote, loving child of God.

The book is very long, but it is nicely broken down into three sections or else you would be reading for 24 hours straight to finish it. I found that it was easier to read a section and then take a few days to absorb it before moving on to the next section. The book is VERY heavily packed with scripture and Biblical ideals and passages. Though I feel this is a good Christian fiction read I do want to warn that there is some violence in the story that might bother people who don't typically read those kinds of stories.

If you are looking for a Christian fiction story that is suspenseful and grounded in Christian principals and ideals then Sheltered by an Angel's Wings will not disappoint!

I give Sheltered by An Angel's Wings... 5 cups of really satisfying coffee!


Katherine Meador Pasour has been a farmer, teacher, wife, mother, and college professor. She currently works as a professor and administrator at Lenoir-Rhyne University in Hickory, North Carolina. Katherine is blessed with two children and a loving, faithful husband. The family has a small farm near Greensboro, North Carolina, where they enjoy their church work, horses, and the many tasks associated with a working farm.

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