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Author Katie Mettner

Hearing the Melody in Love

It's been a while since I've talked about any of my own books here, so I thought "why not?" Today I'm introducing you to April Melody, the fourth book in The Snowberry Series. Instead of doing a pre-order release on the book, and because it's so close to the release date of March 13, 2015, I decided to do a Thunderclap campaign. I would appreciate your support on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram for the release day blitz! If you have never heard of Thunderclap click the link under the cover and go check it out! It's a cool way to stretch the reach of your social media power and get your book, music or other important campaign out to the masses in a far greater reach than you yourself can do. 

Thunderclap Campaign

Back Blurb:
April Melody once had a fledgling music career, only to have it come crashing down around her ears, literally. Suddenly deaf, April learned how to read lips and saw the lies people tried to hide.

Martin Crow owns Crow's Hair and Nails, an upscale salon in the middle of tiny Snowberry. When his dreams of being a musician were ripped away he turned to his other true love, helping women find their inner beauty. He just wasn't expecting to find one of Snowberry’s most beautiful standing outside his apartment door. 

Drawn together by their love of music they are kept apart by their hearts of stone. April and Crow know that guilt will steal their future, unless they learn how to let love and forgiveness be the melody and harmony in their lives.

Book Trailer

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