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Katie's Lovely Blog Hop

I’ve been challenged by my wonderful friend Linn B Halton to join in the Lovely Blog Hop. I've been asked to share some of the things that have helped shape my writing and my life.

You can find links at the end of the post to Linn's books. As an inspirational romance writer I have found hers to be ones I go to when I need to fill my inspirational cup.

Okay so now I spill the beans (Linn is waiting for this part) …

First Fond Memory

My first fond memories definitely revolve around my grandparent's house. It's hard to know exactly how many are true memories and how many are memories created by the pictures I looked at in all the albums my grandma
had. I know for sure the most fond memory I have is getting dolls from grandma. I LOVED baby dolls and dolls of all kinds. She was always getting me a doll here and there. I had a lot of favorite dolls over the years. I loved playing with the "cornflake doll', which was one she had gotten from the Kellogg Corn Flakes company and Mrs. Beasley (which I still have in my cedar chest. I even worked Mrs. Beasley into my wedding vows!). My fondest memory is when my grandma had her friend make me a cloth doll. It was fashioned after one of the first Cabbage Patch Dolls that came out (original ones not with the plastic heads). I named her Keri Ann and we were inseparable. :) 

Books and Libraries 

I'm making this one heading because they truly go hand-in-hand. My parents were both readers and therefore all three of us kids were. My dad LOVED the library. He was what I like to call an unbiased reader. He read everything nonfiction or fiction. He spent hours at the library looking for obscure books while my brother and sister and I played in the 'kids room', looking at books and listening to books on cassette (I know I'm dating myself). We always had a meeting time and place in the library (it was a big library), but dad was never
there when he said he would be. We would designate the kid who would go looking for him and we always found him lost in a book standing in the middle of two aisles. The books I read as a kid started with the Boxcar Children, Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys (I liked them MORE than Nancy Drew) and eventually the Babysitter's Club, which were just coming out when I turned twelve and was getting too old for them. I loved mysteries though and transitioned in Mary Higgins Clark, which my parents liked because she didn't use profanity and told a solid mystery without a lot of untoward content. I would spend hours quietly reading while we were camping, on car rides or just on a snowy Sunday afternoon. Books were an escape and I had to have a little romance and a little mystery in them as well. 

My Passion

This one is a little harder to answer. I'm a Gemini so my passions change from day to day! LOL One passion that never wavers is my passion for writing and books. It is the passion that has always been a constant in my life in one form or the other. I would assume most authors who spend hours toiling over the words they write feel the same way. I'm not all about books though. I have many things I feel passionate about. My family is my number one passion. I love watching my kids grow into responsible, intelligent, caring human beings. I'm passionate about their education and making sure they are well rounded, but I'm also about the things they are passionate about. Music, public speaking and for my youngest son, math. (I never thought I would be passionate about math, just ask my mom!) 

Another big passion of mine is organ donation and furthering the education of others about the gift of life. My husband's brother has had two kidney transplants, one when he was 18 from his father, and one when he was 35 from me. Being a living kidney donor has taught me more about life than anything else in my 39 years. I would like to say it was an easy decision, but anyone who has ever been a living donor knows it was laced with strife and filled with the never ending questions of 'what if'. Now, almost six years later, I would do it all over again. I would still have doubts and fears, but watching the amazing
things my BIL has gone on to do since the transplant, things he never thought he would do, has made it all worthwhile. He's finished his master's degree in art, bought a house, watched his wife graduate with a nursing degree and become the uncle to my children he wanted nothing more to be. Organ donation changes lives in too many ways to count and I strongly encourage everyone to tell their loved ones they want to be an organ donor. In my Sugar Books, Sugar has a foundation called MAMBOS, Miracles Are Made By Organ Sharing. She strongly believes, as do I, that spreading the word about organ donation 'grows the vine' longer so soon that vine reaches across the world and touches lives in ways we may never get to see, but will change the world our kids and grandkids grow up in. 


As I mentioned above writing is one of my passions, but I did very little of it from the time I left school until 2011. I was busy working and living life, but those ideas were always floating around in my mind. Eventually I found it helpful to write the ideas down and tuck them away for 'later' when I had more time. When I didn't have 3 kids under the age of 4, when I didn't have a full time job, when I didn't, when I didn't. When I didn't happened in 2011 when I suddenly didn't have a left leg. Becoming an amputee after an accident years earlier had finally left me with the time to sit down and write out that first idea I
had written down years before. It was about a woman everyone called Sugar and her journey back into the light after losing everyone she loved in a tragic accident. I had originally decided to call it simply "Sugar's". When my sister read it she said, "No, you have to call this "Sugar's Dance". An epic title for what ended up being an epic family saga of love and loss. What Sugar did for me was show me the lack of books about disabled heroines and heroes and the people who love them. It also showed me the hunger of readers to have books like that to read when they felt discouraged or down about situations in their own lives. My main passion had finally been discovered: Writing stories of truth, love, inspiration, faith and hope to encourage others. Yesterday I finished my fourteenth novel since 2011 and I'm still just as passionate today as I was in 2011 when I wrote the line, "My name is Tula DuBois, Sugar, to everyone I know, and coffee makes my world go around."


I saved the best for last! Linn asked me to be sure I dropped somewhere in here when I first started drinking coffee. I can't say for sure, coffee has been part of my life for so long, but if I had to venture a guess I would say I was probably two the first time I had coffee. I can't say for sure, but my writer's mind can just picture my dad holding his cooled cup of coffee to my lips while he looked about over his shoulder to make sure my mom wasn't there to witness it. I can remember drinking instant Folgers (decaf of course) at my grandma's, made from more milk than coffee (the first latte for sure!), then coffee with my
neighbor Ruth who didn't mind that I had more coffee than milk, and eventually coffee so thick you could stand your spoon in it straight up at every bakery I ever worked at. "In my humble opinion it is the lifeblood of all that is right in the world. Without coffee I’m not sure there would be much point in getting up in the morning." Sugar may have said that, but her creator believes it with every ounce of her being (get it?). I will leave you with this quote from Sugar's Dance, which came straight from my belief that in a previous life I was a world renowed coffee producer. "For some women it’s doughnuts, cake or sex, but for me it’s coffee. My father always said, “Sugar, if you can eat it, you can drink coffee with it.” I have found that to be true. Hot, iced, black, sugared, creamed, frothed or anything in-between it can be done. I cut my teeth on coffee and chances are it really did stunt my growth, but that’s a small price to pay for the rich rewards on a cold morning."

Thank you so much for stopping by and learning a little bit more about me today. I hope I filled your morning, or afternoon, inspirational cup to the top! 

Read all about Linn B. Halton's Books on her website. Where she writes about Love, Life and beyond, but it's always about the romance. 


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