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It's a Scrying Shame....

As promised I'm going to give you a chance to win a free copy of a Scrying Shame. Before I do that though, I have to tell you what a Scrying Shame is and as you see on the banner, a little bit about Kindlescout. Some of you may be familiar with it already, but for those who aren't let me roll it up in into a tight little nugget of simplicity (since we all know Amazon doesn't make much simplistic, but this time they did!). Kindlescout is a program where READERS get to pick the BOOKS that get published by Amazon! It's okay, I'll wait while you sit down from the shock of such awesome information. Sitting? Good, now I'll tell you about that free book. It's called a Scrying Shame by Donna Glaser. 

This is how it works. You click the link that says KindleScout nomination right up there and it takes you to the book's nomination page. As long as you have an Amazon account and are in the USA you can nominate the book. It will go on your nominations bar and as long as you leave it on there until the nomination period is over (I believe Donna's book has 2 weeks left) if a Scrying Shame wins, you get an early reader's copy before Amazon publishes it! Simple AND cool, right? Okay, now just a little about the book, but not too much because the nomination page has all of it including nearly four full chapters of the book. (Don't have time to read that now, it's okay, you can send the excerpt to your Kindle. Also cool, right?)

Book Blurb
Following a near death experience, 25-year-old Arie Stiles takes a job nobody else wants: crime scene clean-up tech. After all, death holds no mystery for her. Or so she thinks. It isn’t long before Arie discovers a new psychic talent—the ability to scry. Memories call to her through the dead’s spilled blood. While cleaning the crime scene of a socialite author, Arie is haunted by visions. Can she decipher the clues left in the murdered woman's blood before the killer discovers her secret?

About Donna Glaser

I'm a psychotherapist/office manager/writer, not always in that order. Some folks wonder why a therapist would gravitate toward writing mysteries. It's the people thing. Both of my passions deal with relationships and exploring the past to gain a deeper understanding--and, perhaps, better control of--the present. My favorite quote is by Oscar Wilde: "The final mystery is oneself." It seems to cover facets of both my careers. So I stole it.

I'm also a wife and a mother of two beautiful children. Three, if you count the husband; usually I do. We own and operate a residential construction company.
He swings the hammer; I do the marketing, the paperwork, and deal with any overly emotional, what-do-you-mean-you-can't-put-roof-trusses-up-in-a-thunderstorm? clients. Strangely enough, I often come up with ideas for creative murders and hiding bodies during business hours. I mention this for no reason at all.

THE ENEMY WE KNOW is the first in the Letty Whittaker 12 Step series, followed by THE ONE WE LOVE, THE SECRETS WE KEEP, and THE BLOOD WE SPILL. Coming soon: THE LIES WE TELL.

I'm hoping to earn enough money to provide orthodontics for my English bulldog, Belle.

Find her other books on Amazon for more mystery with a dash of humor. 

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