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Author Katie Mettner

Sugar's Dance ~ Kindle Countdown Sale

That's right, it's my birthday! I'm turning 40 and to celebrate I've put Sugar's Dance on the Kindle Countdown sale for just 0.99 until June 18! 

My Favorite Review of Sugar's Dance

There are not enough stars to signify how much I loved this book. I know I came late to the party but I am so happy that I found this awesome series and this very talented author.
The words of Sugar’s Dance flow across the page not dissimilar to the way a dancer floats across the floor while performing a graceful Viennese waltz. But it’s not just the story that captured my heart, but also the characters. I think I have a pretty good imagination and I tend to immerse myself in a book and its characters when I’m reading a book. Sometimes it is difficult but, in this case, it wasn’t. Many times I was on the verge of drowning and I will admit I had tears in my eyes a few times, some sad and some happy.
But Sugar’s Dance also contained an element of suspense that kept me turning the pages, occasionally gasping, and kept me awake at night because I wanted to know how this story played out to the end.
My favourite quote in the book (and there were so many) is "You don't choose a family, God gives them to you. Flesh and blood doesn't make a family.....None of use blood, but I would do anything for any one of you, so that makes you my family." It couldn’t have come at a better time in my life.
On another note, I had no idea there were that many different types of coffee and I was very thankful for the glossary of Irish slang terms.
I gave Sugar’s Dance 5 gleaming green stars.
Written by Karen from A Thousand Lives Book Blog

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At the tender age of seventeen Tula “Sugar” DuBois had it all; an up and coming ballroom dance career, and a family she loved deeply. In the blink of an eye she
lost it all on a cold, snowy Minnesota bridge. Now, ten years later, Sugar has rebuilt her life, but still hides her heart behind the log walls of her lodge on Lake Superior.

Drug Task Force Agent Donovan Walsh follows his most sought after drug lord to Duluth, Minnesota. His plan is simple; protect the key witness to McElevain’s destruction and track down the proof he needs to put him away for life. What he wasn’t planning on was his witness being the most beautiful, and most difficult, woman in all of Duluth.

Sugar finds herself drawn to her new bodyguard, but can’t risk her heart for a romance destined to break it. When an attempt is made on her life she trusts Van to lead her through a dangerous rumba of deceit, kidnapping, and murder. When the last notes fade away Sugar has one decision left to make. Will Van heal her heart or break it?

Thanks for stopping by on my birthday and I hope you have a chance to meet Sugar, Van and the whole gang :)

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