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Author Katie Mettner

The covers are at war and we need your help!

The cover wars have started for August and you may see a familiar face! Forever, Phoenix is up for voting for best cover along with 29 other beautiful covers. You get 25 votes a day so you can share the love all you want for every author! You don't have to sign up, share a social media link, give them your email, donate blood, give them an organ or sign your life away. It's just a fun way to support your favorite authors by looking at the pretty covers :) Oh and you can vote once a day for the entire month. Below is the link for Forever, Phoenix my latest release with the cover designed by Carrie Butler.

What is the cover wars? The Masquerade Crew is a website for authors to connect with readers through contests, blog tours, and advertising. Readers will find so many things to do on the site as well. Contests, great reviews of hot new books, and links to books and the author's social media. It's a win-win. I found out about the Cover Wars from a friend of mine who had her cover in last month. I was so excited to get involved and show everyone my beautiful covers. Authors who may be reading this, you can submit your cover for a nominal fee to be part of the Cover Wars. Readers who are reading this, the covers change every month, but the top covers from last month move on to the next round. I've listed a few of my other favorite books below, maybe you'll find a few new authors to support. Remember, you can vote every day and you can change your votes up and share the love. Please take a moment to go vote for your favorite covers and remember, sharing is caring! 

Cop on her Doorstep by +Karen Docter @KarenDocter 

Dragon Love by @Marcauthor

Insignia by @KellyMatsuura

Unexpected Beauty by @TaraSosaAuthor

Beautiful covers right? Okay, I'm ending this post here so you can go vote (click here for the cover wars page)! Don't forget to sign up for the giveaway! 

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