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Author Katie Mettner

Meet Mr. Klaus

Welcome back to The View From The Other Side! It has been awhile since I blogged about my own books, so I decided today I would talk about my newest hottie, Nick S. Klaus. I'm sure you can all figure out what holiday he might be named after. 

Nick S. Klaus

Maybe that picture doesn't make you think Christmas, but don't be fooled, he takes Christmas very seriously. Nick S. Klaus is the principal at John Thomas Peter Elementary School in Snowberry, Minnesota. He's also the chair of the Snowberry Coats for Kids program where, you guessed it, he plays Santa Claus ever year. He grew up in Germany with a German father and American mother and moved to the US for college. He found himself in the small town of Snowberry, Minnesota and that is where he has been for the last five years, living next to Mandy Alexander. 

Mandy Alexander

Just who is Mandy Alexander? Well, that's a loaded question and one that took me an entire book to answer, but I'll get you started, she's the music teacher for the Snowberry School District. She spends her afternoons at, you guessed it, John Thomas Peter Elementary School. Being neighbors and co-workers this sets up a very interesting dynamic for Nick and Mandy, as well as her two kids; Ben and Esther. 

Ben, Nick and Esther

That's all well and good, and I could go on all day about the book, but instead, I wanted to tell you a little bit about my muses for Nick and Mandy. I wrote Nick S. Klaus in a week this past August. It's true! Some say you can't write a book in a week, but you can, as long as you're just telling the story and not worrying about all the other stuff, like grammar and punctuation ;) It's easy to say I was inspired and knew I had to get this story down on paper before these two characters, who were very vocal, stopped talking to me. 

My muse for Mandy Alexander is a woman I had met and was friends with on social media. She was a mother, a teacher, and a woman of God, but she found herself faced with the greatest test of her faith; her husband's affair that had been going on for more than a year. While she suspected there was something going on, it's so soul shattering to have it confirmed and still have to carry on in a job and raising kids alone. After the initial shock wore off, and she knew there was nothing left of her marriage to salvage, she slowly started to heal. She took care of her kids, went to school and church, coached her son's baseball team and, much like Mandy, became both a mom and a dad to her kids. To say I have the utmost respect for her is an understatement. Her faith, while it may have waivered in the beginning, stood tall in the face of the hurt and betrayal she was dealt. 

So you're asking yourself who my muse for Nick was, right? It wasn't the big jolly man himself. It was the man who swooped in out of the blue one day and made "Mandy" smile a little. He was patient and understanding, accepting of her kids, and respectful of the changes they were facing. He did what a lot of men can't do, and that's accept another man's family as his own. While I don't delve into their relationship more than what is shared on social media, I can tell you one thing that is visible evidence of his effect on her life; the smile. It's not the fake smile she used to plaster on to get through a school day, an event, or a parent-teacher conference. It was HER smile. It was the ear-to-ear smile of a woman in love. She knew she was loved back in a true life altering kind of way and it showed on her face and within her spirit. One man tried to break her, but because she stood strong in her faith through that storm, she came out on the other side happier than she had been in years. 

I hope I've been able to introduce you to Nick and Mandy in a deeper way than any back blurb or review can do. Nick and Mandy, needless to day, really blossomed from inside this romance writer's heart and wrote their own story. The book trailer below puts it all together nicely and if you are so inspired you can pick up your own copy of Nick S. Klaus on Amazon. If you want a chance to win a copy of Nick, follow me on Twitter and Facebook where I'll be hosting a social media giveaway of the paperback and many other goodies, or like us at 12 Days of Christmas Stories on Facebook and have an extra chance to win there on December 2, 2015. Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a very happy and healthy holiday season filled with joy, hope, and love!


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