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Author Katie Mettner

We're going on a Wild Goose Chase!

We're going on a Wild Goose Chase with Jan Romes and her new couple, Olivia and Dezz! Everyone knows how much of a Jan Romes fan I am, so it comes as no surprise that I grabbed the book and read it as fast as I could. Read on for my review! 


Olivia Pence has been a word-nerd and all-around geek forever, which didn’t exactly win her a ton of friends growing up. It did, however, snag the attention of a like-minded geek, Dezz Casey. Instead of becoming fast friends, Dezz became a competitive thorn. The rivalry continued through grade school, high school, college, and now as co-workers for Brilliance magazine.

The most annoying thing – Dezz went from being a homely dork to six-feet-three-inches of hotness that infuriates Olivia to the point of madness. Their boss has had her fill of the chaos and orders a two-week cooling-off period where they’re to travel (separately) and find serendipitous situations to write about.

Will the time away fix their work issues and their hearts? Or will it amount to a wild goose chase that drives them farther apart?

As a fan of Jan Romes, I dove into Wild Goose Chase, and was pleasantly surprised to find she had changed it up a little bit. She always adds humor to her stories, but this one was especially so. 

Olivia Pence, also known as 'Liv', 'Pence', and 'Livvy' to her annoying coworker, is being sent on a wild goose chase to find serendipity, something she doesn't think you can "find", it just has to happen, right?

Dezz Casey, or Casey to his annoying coworker, is going on a wild goose chase too, the stipulation from their boss is they have to take it apart, 14 full days of writing a travelogue without any contact with each other. 

Why was all of this necessary? Because Olivia and Dezz have been in love since kindergarten, but neither one are willing to be the first to say it. Instead, they fill Brilliance magazine with one liners and behavior fit of a one year old.

Where is the first place you go when granted an unexpected paid 2 week vacation? You leave the rat race of New York and go home. Unfortunately for Dezz and Olivia, home happens to be in the same town. What happens from there is a comedy of errors involving cars, tampons, food poisoning and thieves, and along the way maybe there is even a little bit of serendipity thrown in. 

One might think that being left on their own for a few weeks would help them get their feelings under control, but Dezz and Olivia wouldn't know, because they kept running into each other, until too many misunderstandings left them both determined to forget about the other. Things only get worse instead of better when Olivia finds out the truth about all of it. When you add in their 10 year class reunion and a meddling reunion chairperson, it seems hopeless for Olivia and Dezz to ever find their serendipity, together. If you know Jan Romes, you know that her couples always find a way to HEA, and Wild Goose Chase is no exception, but not without some hard work!

I give Wild Goose Chase 5 cups of honking hot coffee!

Jan Romes is a hopeless romantic who grew up in northwest Ohio with eight zany siblings. Married to her high school sweetheart for more years than seems
possible, she is also a proud mom, mother-in-law, and grandmother. She likes to read all genres, writes witty contemporary romance and women's fiction, enjoys finding new ways to stay fit and gardens even though she doesn't claim to have a green thumb.

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