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Promise of Malice

It's book spotlight time and the book is a new release from Marla Madison titled Promise of Malice. This is the third book in  her Malice Series, and what a ride it was. Keep reading below for an excerpt from the book, buy links, and my review. If you love police procedurals/suspense, you have to read the Malice Series! 

When Kendall becomes a date rape victim, the incident triggers a series of events that send her life into a dangerous freefall. Still struggling with the remains of her relationship with ex-lover Adam Nashlund, Kendall is temporarily suspended from her job, and she joins Nash, who has been hired to locate a man’s missing wife.

A rape-homicide in the area leads Kendall to investigate the case of a rapist who leaves his victims tattooed with a strange symbol. Kendall’s neighbor, Brynn Zellman, card reader and reformed computer hacker, identifies the tattoo as a Reiki symbol and helps Kendall unearth the truth as both cases become intertwined.

Ms. Madison has released the third book in the Malice series and what a ride! From the very first page the action starts and doesn't ease up until the last page. In Promise of Malice, Kendall, a detective for the Eau Claire Police Department, finds herself a victim, but she's not the last. There are girls out there turning up raped and dead, with a telling sign on every body. Do they have a killer on the loose or a rapist? After her attack Kendall finds on forced absence from work as a detective. In order to help solve the case she has to agree to work with Adam Nashland, her amnesiac lover, who doesn't remember their relationship. Putting her hurt and anger aside, Kendall teams up with Nash, and her next door neighbor Brynn, to find a rapist turned murderer before he finds her.

Set against the beautiful backdrop of Northern Wisconsin, Promise of Malice will have you on the edge of your seat until the last woman is safe. The question is, will Kendall come out of this case alive and with her heart intact? There's only one way to find out!

I give Promise of Malice 5 cups of better put that coffee in a travel mug, 'cause it's gonna be a bumpy ride!

Marla Madison is a retired mediator and when she’s not writing, works as an
arbitrator in the Midwest. Living in Wisconsin on Prairie Lake, Marla is the author of the suspense novels, She’s Not There, Trespass, Relative Malice, and Iced Malice.

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