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Author Katie Mettner

TORCHED Cover Reveal

Hello for the first time in 2017! I've been busy editing my new release for February 9. Today I'm revealing the cover and the blurb for you to enjoy. The idea for this book came to me in December and I wrote it in 14 days! Constance Barnes is a hoot and I had so much fun writing this story. I tell people it's a highly dramatized fictional account of a sort of real event. Intriguing? I hope so! Read on for the rest of the story and for a chance to win an Amazon gift card! 


A book contract in hand from publishing house, The Written Page, Constance Barnes sashayed around the fancy hotel in heels and red lipstick, looking the essence of success. She couldn’t help but wonder if anyone saw through her bravado to the lonely woman lurking inside. After a disastrous two-year relationship came to an abrupt halt, she tucked herself away in her townhouse to run her design business and let her heart heal. Now, two years later, having found success as a designer, and author, it had done nothing to lessen the loneliness she felt in her soul.

Mack Maiden made his way into the fast lane to success at an early age. Already the owner of Barney & Me, a lucrative pet store on the main street of Mill Lake, New Mexico, he wanted to find the one thing missing from his life, love.

A chance meeting on a park bench one warm January afternoon draws Mack and Constance together. Their mutual loneliness turns into attraction, followed by scorching hot kisses. Constance believes she has finally found peace and happiness in her life, until bestselling authors begin turning up dead. It doesn’t take her long to wonder if she knows the killer and if she’s next. 

Release February 9, 2017 on Amazon

Here’s the thing about living near Albuquerque; it never gets cold. I always envy the women on TV dressed to kill in their long woolen coats perfectly accessorized with their fluffy scarves and hats, and completing the look with their nearly knee high, fur topped boots. Instead of coats, scarves, and fur boots, I’m wearing jeans and a t-shirt with tennis shoes while sitting outside eating my lunch. It might be January, but the temperature rests at a balmy sixty degrees. I set about eating my turkey, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mustard sandwich. I know, this isn’t Facebook, and I don’t need to tell the world what I’m eating, but I had to give the world a full description of a sandwich this awesome or they wouldn’t understand.

I took a bite and chewed, my legs crossed at the ankles as I watched the people coming and going from the park near the town square. Normally, I work from home and only venture into town if I need more mustard, or someone insists on talking to me face-to-face. Today had been one of those days. I had a meeting with my eye doctor. Glamorous I know, but when you can’t see what you’re doing to design someone’s next bestseller, you’d better get it checked out. Since I knew I had to be in town, I planned to eat in the park, a luxury I rarely get. Usually, no one gets to see the beauty of my sandwiches because I eat them while staring at a computer screen, the sandwich in one hand and the mouse in the other. Today, people were going to find out that Constance Melanie Barnes made an amazing sandwich.

I saw a flash out of the corner of my soon to be bespectacled eye, and pulled my sandwich in to protect it from whatever was flying at me. I felt my legs twist to the left and looked down to see a King Charles spaniel sitting in front of me, its curly ears still swinging. On the ground lay an unused leash and I slowly moved my foot over to step on it, lest the little beast escaped his owner again. One whiff of my sandwich and the dog’s paws were on the bench, his nose outstretched trying to get a taste of turkey.

“Barney!” a man said, running up the paved pathway. “How many times do I have to tell you not to bother people?” he asked, out of breath and clearly embarrassed.

I patted the dog’s head. “You’ll probably have to tell Barney repeatedly because he’s a dog and not a person.”

The guy plunked down next to me on the bench, uninvited, but I let him stay. He grabbed Barney’s leash and slipped it over his wrist. “You’re right. Sometimes I forget Barney isn’t a person since we spend every minute together.”

I swallowed the bite of sandwich I had taken. “I feel you, brother. My dog Sully and I are like this,” I said, my fingers crossing.

The guy stuck his hand out. “I should introduce myself since you already know Barney. I’m Mack, and that’s one awesome looking sandwich.”

I looked at the sandwich and then to his hand. I carefully transferred the food to my other hand and checked my hand for mustard before I shook his. “That’s the first time anyone has noticed the beauty that is this piece of cold cut heaven,” I said, wondering if I had any crumbs on my face. “I’m Constance, nice to meet you, Mack, and Barney.”

“I could marry a woman who makes a sandwich like that,” he commented, looking out over the park.

“But you’d rather marry a guy who makes a sandwich like this?” I asked, confused.

He laughed, his head going into his hand and he shook it. “Not at all what I meant. I guess I do spend too much time with Barney.”

I broke off the end of the sandwich that I hadn’t bit into and handed it to him. “I want you to know how big a deal this is. I dated a guy for two years and never shared my sandwich with him.”

He held up the piece in his hand. “Do you want a ring before I bite into this?” he asked, a smile trying to take over the serious look he aimed for.

“Heavens no, just eat the sandwich before I take it back and feed it to Barney.”

“Barney can’t eat sandwiches. He’s allergic,” he said right before he took a bite.

Barney looked at me sadly and I shrugged. “Sorry Barnes, you’re allergic.” I stopped speaking and laughed. “My last name is Barnes; that’s funny.”

“Mine’s Cuddlepuff,” he said around the sandwich in his mouth.

My eyes rolled and I shoved him in the shoulder a little. “Sure it is, and my middle name is unicorn.” He started to laugh and almost choked on his sandwich. 

“That’s God punishing you for lying,” I said as he coughed to clear the bread from his throat.

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