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Author Katie Mettner

Cover Reveal for Inherited Love!

The day is here to finally share with you a project I've been working on for over a year! The Dalton Sibling Series started out as only one book, Inherited Love, but as I wrote, Cinn's brother, Lorenzo and sister, Tabitha, begged for their own book as well. The town of Little Ivywood, CA is so engaging, you won't want this series to end. Read on to meet Cinnamon Mabel Dalton and Dr. Foster Kern, along with all of their family! The book is available for pre-order from now until release on April 7. It will stay at .99 until the week after release and then go up, so make sure you grab it while you can! The book will also be part of Kindle Unlimited. Read to the end for a chance to win an Amazon gift card! 

The last thing Cinnamon Mabel Dalton thought she would inherit from her grandmother was two-hundred-pounds of slobbering Saint Bernard. At twenty-seven, Cinn was an experienced jazz artist, but an inexperienced pet owner.

Dr. Foster Kern, the veterinarian and director of the Little Ivywood Humane Society, was regaled with stories of the infamous Cinn Dalton for years. None of them prepared him to meet her face-to-face. Smitten by Cinn’s exotic looks, Foster jumps at the chance to answer her questions about caring for her new charge.

When her grandmother’s legacy comes under attack, Foster and Cinn team up to find out who’s behind the vandalism. Determined to protect her heart, Cinn hides her secrets from the man she’s falling fast for, until fate unwittingly reveals the truth. Now she has two choices; trust her heart to Foster or run away from her true inheritance, the love of a lifetime.

I looked around the small office and squirmed in my chair a little bit, suddenly wishing I hadn’t come. Being here made me feel like I was nothing but a greedy granddaughter who thought she would get something out of spending all those hours with a crabby old woman who didn’t give one iota about her. I thought about leaving, but the lawyer walked into the room as I stood up. I lowered my butt to the chair again and folded my hands on the table, the same way everyone else had.

“Is everyone here then?” asked the lawyer.

“We are,” my dad answered.

“Let’s get started,” he said, opening the flap on a manila envelope and pulling out a pack of papers, which were surprisingly thick considering Mabel’s lack of friends.

“As you all know, Mabel made me the executor of her will. While you’re each entitled to your own copy of the will, and I have one here for each of you, she left specific instructions about how the will reading should be accomplished.”

My brother cleared his throat. “I guess we know where Tabitha got her flare for the dramatics.”

My father slapped him on the shoulder and I bit the inside of my lip to keep from laughing while my sister huffed. Families, they’re so much fun.

The lawyer shuffled through some of the papers and then looked up again. “Is it all right if I skip the formalities and get right to the nitty gritty?”

“By all means,” my father said and motioned at the paperwork. “We don’t need to take up any more of your time than necessary.”

The lawyer nodded and put his glasses on to read the paperwork. “Mabel has left her son the remainder of her stocks and savings bonds. I believe the amount was near one hundred thousand dollars nearly a year ago. I will give you her financial planner’s information and you will need to contact him to decide if you want to cash in the stocks and bonds etc.”

My father nodded. “I will, thank you. Wow, I’m shocked she left me anything.” I could tell he and my mother were genuinely surprised.

“Next, Mabel has left her car to her grandson, Lorenzo Bennie Dalton.” The lawyer dug in a second envelope and pulled out a fob, sliding it across the table to my brother. “Here is the spare key. She indicates the other sets are on her keyboard in her laundry room.”

Lorenzo clutched the key in his hand and nodded, excitement written all over his face. “Yes, sir, I know where they are.” Did I forget to mention Mabel drove a BMW coupe? My sister was frowning dramatically now, her hopes dashed.

“Next, Mabel left the family diamond and ruby ensemble to Tabitha, the eldest granddaughter.”

Suddenly, my sister didn’t look so forlorn. Those jewels were worth as much as the car, but it left little hope for me to get anything of value. Oh well, that’s being the middle child for you.

“Mabel has also left a large sum to the Humane Society of Little Ivywood, and deeded the land, known as Trigger’s Dog Park, to the humane society as well.”

My father raised a finger. “Speaking of the humane society, did she say anywhere in her will what to do with Brutus?”

Brutus was Mabel’s Saint Bernard. He was almost two hundred pounds of joy, and twelve pounds of poop a day. He currently resided with my father, who was not a dog person. I would take him, but Saint Bernard’s are frowned upon in my apartment complex.

The lawyer smiled. “I was about to cover her wishes for Brutus, actually. To her namesake, Mabel leaves her house, Brutus, and one hundred thousand dollars.” He turned to me as I sat in shock at what he said. “Her accountant will provide you with a monthly stipend for Brutus’s food and vet care, as well as upkeep on the house and taxes. When Brutus passes on, whatever money remains will be given to you in one sum.”

Tabitha pounded a fist on the table. “That’s not fair!”

My father tried to hush her, but the lawyer was chuckling at my sister’s outburst. “Your grandmother said you wouldn’t be happy. I will read the last paragraph of the will. ‘I, Mabel Dalton, have left to each of you what I feel you invested in my life. The only one of the five of you who ever loved Brutus is the only one I will trust with his care. Therefore, I must also provide the monetary means to care for him, so as not to strain the budget of a young woman just getting started in life. And Tabitha, life’s not fair. Get over yourself and quit acting like a prima-donna. Life owes you nothing. Take the many things you’ve been blessed with and do some good for the community. When I was your age, I was in the jungle picking off those out to try and do the same to me. If I had pitched a hissy fit when my father told me I had to learn how to hunt, none of you would exist. Take what I’ve given you, and build on it. Make a life for yourselves and remember in my own strange way, I did love you.”

The room was silent as the lawyer stacked the paper and tapped the bottoms into line, sliding them back into the envelope. He stood, taking several envelopes off the desk behind him and passing them out.

“These are your copies of the will. Those of you with two envelopes, one is the will and one is the information you need for your inheritance with directions on how to go about claiming it. Please, call me if you have any questions or if concerns arise. Thank you for coming and I’m sorry for your loss.”

In the short span of ten minutes, I became a homeowner and a mother to a two-hundred-pound dog. You know, just a typical Saturday afternoon in Little Ivywood.


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