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Author Katie Mettner

Meet & Greet with the Daltons

After Inherited Love released readers have been asking me about the Dalton Siblings, who they are, and what their story is. Certainly I'm not going to tell you all my secrets, but I decided why not introduce you to the family now and you'll be prepared for when you read their books! Let's get started!

She looks like a friendly old woman, doesn't she? There are two things wrong with that sentence. The first is calling Mabel Dalton a friendly and the second is calling her an old woman. At 84-years-young, Mabel had plans to pollute the
earth with her negativity for many years to come, until her ticket to the other world was granted one night. Mabel thrived on negativity and didn't have an ounce of love in her heart, at least that's what her family thought. How wrong they were! When the will was read after her small service in Little Ivywood, California, where she lived all her life, everyone was stunned with what she left them. 

Bennie Dalton is Mabel's only child. Born after her tours in several wars as a sniper, Bennie didn't know the love of a woman until he met Marguerite Sanchez, a Mexican student working and going to school in California. He fell
head over heals in love with the beautiful Marguerite and asked her to marry him. To say Mabel wasn't happy would be an understatement. She flat out refused to come to the wedding, disowning him from the family for marrying outside his 'race'. Bennie didn't care. He was happy and from their union three kids were born; Tabatha, Cinnamon, and Lorenzo. 

Tabatha Dalton, the oldest of the three siblings, is the epitome of drama queens. Seen sobbing and wailing at Mabel's funeral, all she's out for is what the old woman might have left her. She had found herself in a desperate situation and she saw her grandmother's death as a way to get the money she needed to escape the situation. Too bad Mabel left her the family jewels, with the
stipulation they can't be sold. Tabitha is a complicated woman who has lived in the shadow of her younger sister, Cinn, her whole life. She wants nothing more than for someone to notice the contributions she can make to the world too. As a psychic, Tabitha knows what's going to happen before it happens, but she's not expecting Noah Jonas. She didn't inherit diamonds and rubies. She Inherited Conviction.

Cinnamon Mabel Dalton is the middle child of Bennie and Marguerite. A musical savant, Cinn has spent her life with music, playing every instrument available, and touring with jazz bands at the age of sixteen. When her life falls apart, and she returns to Little Ivywood, Cinn struggles to stay alive, and find her way in a
now vastly different world. The only sibling to spend much time with Mabel, Cinn relies on her to help her through a time in her life that could have ended her. In return, Mabel leaves her the greatest gift ever, love. It takes shape in the form of one 200 pound slobbering St. Bernard named Brutus and the man who helps her take care of him. It's clear to her she Inherited Love

Lorenzo Dalton is the baby of the family. At twenty-one he was in college to be a carpenter and spent very little time with his grandmother. As a college student he's expected to like fast cars and beautiful girls. The truth is, he does love fast cars and beautiful women, but he doesn't date, instead concentrating on his
schooling and career. When Mabel leaves him her BMW coupe, he's faced with a dilemma. Drive it and have fun or sell it and use the money to get himself ahead in life. He doesn't know what he'll do until he runs into an old friend at the Little Ivywood Human Society, and sees the truth. He didn't inherit a car, he Inherited Light. 

Brutus Dalton is a 200 pound slobbering love muffin who spent his days taking care of Mabel and playing with his best friend, Poopsie. At barely fifteen pounds Poopsie seems an unlikely playmate for Brutus, but he's always gentle and they're inseparable. Especially after his beloved Mabel disappears from his life.
His job was to take care of her, to keep her calm in certain situations, and protect her from the things that went bump in the night. It doesn't take him long to realize that Mabel left him Cinn for a reason, she needs him as much as Mabel did. Brutus knows to never leave Cinn's side, and she's going to need him more than she knows. 

The last thing Cinnamon Mabel Dalton thought she would inherit from her grandmother was two-hundred-pounds of slobbering Saint Bernard. At twenty-seven, Cinn was an experienced jazz artist, but an inexperienced pet owner.

Dr. Foster Kern, the veterinarian and director of the Little Ivywood Humane Society, was regaled with stories of the infamous Cinn Dalton for years. None of them prepared him to meet her face-to-face. Smitten by Cinn’s exotic looks, Foster jumps at the chance to answer her questions about caring for her new charge.

When her grandmother’s legacy comes under attack, Foster and Cinn team up to find out who’s behind the vandalism. Determined to protect her heart, Cinn hides her secrets from the man she’s falling fast for, until fate unwittingly reveals the truth. Now she has two choices; trust her heart to Foster or run away from her true inheritance, the love of a lifetime.

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