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Author Katie Mettner

October Winds Cover Reveal & Kindle Scout



October Halloran hides in plain sight in Zansaville, Minnesota, but Sheriff Jett Raven knows ‘Sarah Banks’ isn’t who she claims to be.

Flying under the radar to keep her past hidden, October is finally happy with the life she’s made, until she stumbles across a dead body.

Murdered truckers and attempted kidnappings put October’s life in danger. When the stakes are high, and girls’ lives are on the line, it’s up to October to discover who’s after her and why. It’s up to Jett to keep her alive

I'm sure you're all wondering why I'm doing Kindlescout AGAIN. The answer is easy, I'm not a quitter! ;0) Actually, I've been holding onto October Winds since I wrote it on Facebook about 18 months ago. After a complete rewrite, and four rounds of editing and proofing, I've decided to test it out on the Kindlescout audience. This story, since it was written during the Halloween time of year, has a more mystery feel to it and I hope that will grab the attention of the scouters. I could use all of your help with encouraging friends and family to nominate it! They do need an account with Kindlescout, but if they have an amazon account already, it's super easy. Once they've signed up and logged in, they can nominate up to 3 books. If those books are chosen for a publishing contract, they will get a free copy before the book publishes. It's a great way to find new authors and great books! 

If you click the link for October Winds you'll be able to read the first 5000 words of the novel before you nominate, so you can decide if it's a book you'd like to finish. You can also read the answers to the questions about why I wrote this book (Which is why I'm not going into detail here). Once you nominate it, please leave it on your nomination board until the 30 days are up, and then you can nominate a new one! Sign up below for the beach theme giveaway for stopping by! (No nomination required to sign up. US entries only) Thank you for stopping by and happy scouting!

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