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Charred Snake For Two?

Welcome back to the blog! Today's review is for Jan Romes and her new book, Charred Snake For Two! So you're thinking, ewwwww, snakes! Honestly, you're going to love it! The snake is tiniest part of the story, but also the cutest, and most romantic for Carson and Alex. It was definitely a meet cute unlike any you'll read again, but it's perfect for a Jan Romes romance! Read on for the book links and info as well as my review down below! 

Unable to get her head and heart back on track after her marriage crumbled, Alexandra Henry signed up to take part in an expensive, radical self-help, self-esteem program that would put her on a secluded island for seven days with someone just as broken. Together they would team-up to survive, renew trust in the opposite sex, and grow mentally stronger through candid conversation, while taking on nature at the same time.

Expecting someone tired and downtrodden, Alexandra was shocked when they delivered energetic, dark-haired, cocky, Adonis - Carson Jack.

How could someone like him know about heartache? Hope fizzled on the spot. She wouldn't come out of the experience any better than when she went in. Or would she?

Everyone knows I'm a HUGE fan of Jan Romes romances! I was a little nervous with a book called Charred Snake For Two, but my curiosity and love for Jan's books won out and I picked it up. I'm SO glad I did! Let me put it this way, think Survivor, Naked & Afraid, Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern, Dr. Phil, and true Jan Romes romance style with laughter, tears, and strife, and you've got the whole of this book under your belt. You're wondering now about the Naked & Afraid part, aren't you? I laughed and sighed, gasped and choked, and in the end smiled with happiness as Carson & Alex fell in love. On the island to learn about themselves, they find out how far they can pus themselves in a survival situation, but they also learn everything about the person they didn't even expect to like. Jan's books will always make you laugh with the character's witty humor and cheer on the couple as they find their way in the dating world strife with charred snake, bad plums, biting bugs, bad storms, and wet clothes. You won't go wrong getting this romance on your kindle and reading it again and again! 

I give Charred Snake For Two five pieces of charred reptilian! 

Jan Romes is a hopeless romantic who grew up in northwest Ohio with eight zany siblings. Married to her high school sweetheart for more years than seems
possible, she is also a proud mom, mother-in-law, and grandmother. She likes to

read all genres, writes witty contemporary romance and women's fiction, enjoys finding new ways to stay fit and gardens even though she doesn't claim to have a green thumb.

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