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Author Katie Mettner

New Cover Reveal for The Sugar Series

I've been hard at work the last two months reproofing all 30 books on my dashboard. It was a lot of work, but I hope it has freshened up the stories and made them a pleasure to read. I saved the Sugar Series for last as I knew it needed the most work, but I also wanted to address the covers. I decided it was time to show the world just who Sugar and Van are! So, with the help of my fantastic cover designer, Carrie Butler of Forward Authority, the series now has a fresh, new look. Without further ado, I give you Sugar and Van! 

Sugar DuBois, a successful business woman, lived and worked on the shores of Lake Superior. By day she was everybody’s favorite dance instructor, but by night she suffered the torment of her past. For over a decade she’d been trying to answer the question of ‘why’. Why did the three most important people in her life have to leave her? Why did she have to suffer every day, both physically and emotionally? As the summer turned to fall, her swirling mind drove her into a dark place; a place her family worried she may never find her way out of.

By the age of thirty, Agent Donovan Walsh had already raised a child. Now, with his responsibilities behind him, he was adrift as he searched for a new path in life. Offered a stint as a bodyguard for a state witness, he agreed to fly to ‘the tip of the end of the world’, in hopes of finding himself again. Little did he know, the reasons for the rest of his life were in the blue eyes of a gorgeous, stubborn, and broken woman.

When an attempt was made on Sugar’s life, she had to trust Van to lead her through a dangerous rumba of deceit, kidnapping, and murder. When everything fell apart, Van had to trust himself to do the right thing, and protect the one person he couldn’t live without. When the danger passes, and the music fades away, Sugar is left to answer the most important question of her life. Will Van lay the ghosts of her past to rest once and for all, or will he be another soul to haunt her, forever?

Tula “Sugar” DuBois never knew love like the one she found in the arms of Van, her new fiancé. As the New Year breaks over the shores of Lake Superior, Sugar and Van celebrate a new marriage in the family, and a new life together. What she can't predict is how her picture perfect life will shatter when Van's mysterious sister enters the frame.

Lillie Walsh is on the run from a man determined to cleanse her of her sins. Taking refuge at the lodge with her brother and Sugar, she falls for Max, a nursing student determined to show Lillie she’s worthy of love. Lillie prays whoever is hunting her is nothing more than a memory, but that prayer will go unanswered.

Once again, Sugar and Van must call upon their family to dance with a madman, and save the young girl before she’s delivered to the Father by evil.

As the fall colors swirl around Lake Superior, Tula “Sugar” Walsh’s lodge is bright with new love, and new life. She’s happy being a wife, aunt, and sister until Van unknowingly begins a dance that will lead her back through the darkness of her past.

Filled with doubt, Sugar struggles to trust her heart, and Van. On the outside she goes through the motions of daily life, but inside the darkness traps her, and she questions her priorities, doubts her convictions, and struggles with ‘why’. Sinking further into despair, Sugar sets out to ink a deal that will change her life, but unexpectedly runs into an old friend. All of her doubts and fears disappear when she looks into the eyes of his newborn son. In his baby she sees the angels among us, and the path she must follow.

Determined to follow the path, Sugar, Van, and her angels step on the floor for the dance of a lifetime. When the music fades, and the lights come up, Sugar is finally ready to waltz into the light of her future.

When Donovan Walsh comforts his wife with the words, Níl aon suáilce gan a duáilce féin, there are no unmixed blessings in life, he had no way of knowing how quickly he would live those words. While visiting Ireland, Sugar and Van stay in a familiar place. A place filled with the ghosts and lies of his past.

Stumbling through the deception of his early life, Van waltzes dangerously close to losing his future. Will a voice from the past be the one to give him the answers, or will he find them in the blue eyes of his forever love?

As the ice melts on Lake Superior, Sugar and Van dance together to find hope and love through Faith…

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