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Author Katie Mettner

Free 3D Cover Mock-Ups by Adazing

Today we're talking about the 3D cover mock-up tool from Adazing! If you're an author with a book cover, but you want some 3D images to use on social media, then this tool is perfect for you! It's free, there are many choices and you can even purchase add-on options. Let's get started!

I made this cover on Adazing this morning. It took me about 3 seconds to do. I'm showing the screenshots below for you to see how easy it is!

These are several of the options you can choose to make (you can make them all if you go back and start over each time but it's easier to purchase the package I'll show you below)

I chose the large paperback option

This is the next screenshot. All you do is fill in your name and email and then choose your cover file. Click finish and it takes you here. 

Now you click the Download your free mockup and you magically get this!

Awesome right? But wait, there's more!

Adazing offers you a large packet of images with your book cover already integrated into it, and all of the 3D images if you'd like to purchase them. I purchased them for my book October Winds and still use them to this day. 

My overall take away on the Adazing tool (and they have many helpful tools for authors, not just the cover mock-up) is it's an excellent way to get images for your book that will play nicely on social media. I definitely think the price of the package is worth it, but if you are looking for just a simple 3D image for your book, this is a free tool you'll want to keep in your author toolbox!