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Author Katie Mettner

Magnificent Destiny Cover Reveal

Today I'm revealing the cover for my new release, Magnificent Destiny! If you've read Magnificent Love, then you're already familiar with Rock and Sally Anne, and I know you're excited to read their story! This story truly ripped my guts out because Rock has suffered so much for no other reason than the color of his skin, both physically and emotionally. The greatest part is how he manages to come back to Magnificent, and this time, hold onto his dream, regardless of those who try to take it away. I hope you read the sample and love it. If you do, add it to your TBR list on Goodreads and get ready to find it on Amazon on September 5! If you haven't read Magnificent Love it's 99c on Amazon right now, so grab it and start this heartwrenching series today!

Chapter One

The blackness surrounded me, swallowed me, owned me. I couldn’t control my thoughts or movements. Whatever this power was, it took all of me. I was nothing more than a marionette doll, my arms and legs moving at my puppeteer’s desire. With each step into the woods there was nothing but blackness. Inky blackness. Silence was the only thing to pervade my ears. Even my own footsteps didn’t echo in the deep forest.

Right leg, left arm, left leg, right arm, my puppeteer moved me deeper and deeper into the darkness. The moon broke through into a clearing ahead and my strings pulled taut, holding me still, holding me in the darkness. My head swiveled, watching, waiting, knowing the end was near. I held my breath, my eyes focused on the trees across the clearing, when like a match flaring to life, they came alive. A pair of eyes glowed from behind a tree on the other side of the clearing, but they weren’t a simple pair of eyes. They changed from yellow, to orange, to red. They beckoned me into this magnificent darkness. They were my only savior. Come to me, I begged them silently. Come to me and take me away from this life of pain. They were my beginning. The eyes were the beginning of the end of me. I sensed it to the depth of my soul. Whatever, or whoever, owned those eyes now owned me and I was drawn to them. My legs moved again and there was no doubt it was time to go to my destiny—

“Rock. Rock, wake up.”

I woke with a start and stared up into the eyes of Sally Anne Robertson. She stood in front of me holding a to-go cup of coffee, a frown marring her beautiful face. Then I remembered; I fell asleep waiting for a cup of coffee at her café.

She thrust the cup out to me. “You need to drink this immediately or you’re not driving home,” she scolded in her perfectly bossy voice.

I accepted the cup while I tried to shake the dream, and the feelings, it always evoked. Fear, anger, pain, and helplessness. I wasn’t surprised the dream came to me this morning, considering the night I had. But then it has come to me off and on for years. Some nights I got a perfectly dreamless sleep and some nights were nothing less than hell.

Annie slipped into the chair across from me and gave me the eye, her own bloodshot pair of amber globes telling their own story. She picked up the limp fingers of my right hand. “Rock, I’m so sorry.”

I used my left hand to pull my arm away from her. “Please don’t touch my hand.”

“Why?” she asked surprised.

I shook my head. “It doesn’t matter. None of it matters now. It’s my fault Davis is dead, Annie. I didn’t keep him safe.”

“No, Rock, don’t say that. Accidents happen. Darling understands. She knows how much you loved Davis.”

Tears made paths down my face and dripped off my jaw at the thought of what I had to witness last night. She took a napkin from the holder and wiped them away. I sucked in a shaky breath and stared down at the table, rather than into her eyes. “I was in my office when Mickey came running in to tell me he was gone. What if I’m the reason he’s dead, Annie? What if I didn’t move quickly enough to find him and that’s why he’s lying dead in a morgue? We spent too much time worrying about how he got the bracelet off before I even left to go out looking for him. If I had gone out sooner, I might have been able to get him off the road before someone hit him. If that’s what really happened.”

My voice was harsh and gravely and to my own ears, it harbored too much guilt, but I didn’t have the strength to pretend I wasn’t inconsolable. I was inconsolable to the point I might not come back from this. I’ve come back from a lot, but knowing I caused a man’s death wasn’t something I could live with the rest of my life. Jumpin’ Java was always my comfort stop when I needed balm for my soul. Annie would make me a cup of coffee and let me talk. But today, all we could do was console each other. We both lost someone we loved last night, and she was hurting as much as I was, but we grieve in different ways. She doesn’t carry guilt for what happened. She mourns the man, not the man and the loss of everything she holds dear.

“What do you mean, if that’s what really happened?” she asked quickly, her voice dropping in volume as it snapped me back to the present.

I glanced around the café, thankful we were alone at this time of the day. “I had two FBI detectives in my office this morning. I’m not supposed to say anything until the news conference later this morning, but they’ve been investigating three other deaths similar to Davis’s. They’re trying to find a link between all of them.”

“Does Darling know?” she asked, frantically jumping up and patting her pockets for her phone. “I should call and warn her.”

I grabbed her arm as she ran for the back of the café. “The detectives are probably there as we speak. She was their next stop.”

She didn’t sit down, just rubbed my shoulder gently. “Darling told me you were at the hospital most of the night. Were you at Two Acres the rest of it?”

“Yeah, I left after the detectives did this morning. The residents had a prayer vigil all night for Davis. Once the doctors pronounced him dead, and Eve agreed to donate his organs, I went to the facility and broke the news to everyone. That was early this morning, but most of them were inconsolable for hours, and my staff was in tatters. Mickey was so overcome I had to call his father to pick him up. God, what have I done?”

She took hold of my chin. “You’ve done nothing, Rockefeller Maresanti, do you understand me? I know you’re exhausted and finding it hard to make sense of complicated situations, but this isn’t your fault.”

I stood, and she slid her hands around my waist, letting me rest my cheek on her head. This woman mothered me more than my own ever did, but when she hugged me, it was nothing like a mother’s hug.

She sighed, almost as if she needed me as much as I needed her. “I’m done here until the repairman comes a little later. Let me drive you home. I don’t think it’s a good idea for you to be behind the wheel. Where are your keys?”

I let her go and dug in my pocket, searching for my keychain. “How are you going to get back here after you drop me off?” I asked, following her out the door.

“Don’t you worry about that, Ricky Rock, I’ll take care of it.”

I climbed into the passenger seat with a smile on my face for the first time in too many hours. Ricky Rock was what she used to call me when we went to Magnificent High together. I called her Annie because no one else did. In the beginning, it irked her, but now, I think she likes my special name for her. She helped me buckle my belt, put the car in drive, and pulled away from the café. As my eyes drifted closed, I had to admit part of me still had a gigantic crush on this woman.

My name is Rockefeller Jonas Maresanti and this is my magnificent destiny.

Magnificent Love and Magnificent Destiny 

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