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Author Katie Mettner

Review of For the Twins' Sake ~ Melissa Senate

Welcome to 2020! This is my first review for the year and it was a great book! It was also the start of a new series, and I'm hooked. Read on for my review of For the Twins' Sake by Melissa Senate, a Harlequin Special Edition romance.
"She's your baby, Noah Dawson. She's your responsibility now."

But is she? Noah is willing enough to believe the adorable newborn left on his doorstep is his child. And then his ex, Sara Mayhew, turns up, claiming the baby is hers--a twin to her infant son--and Noah realizes he's not the father. Even so, the cowboy has already turned his life around and swapped his spurs for a baby carrier. Despite their still-powerful attraction, Sara isn't ready to trust the "new" Noah. But he's already fighting for their future as a family...

For the Twins' Sake is a wonderful start to a new series for Melissa Senate. I have to say, I'm hooked and can't wait to read Daisy's story next!

Noah Dawson is a rough and tumble rancher who has screwed up a lot in his life. When he finds a baby on his doorstep, with a note saying she was his, he was determined not to be a screw-up father the way his father was. To say he went all-in is an understatement. He loves Annabel and dotes on her like any new father would, even if he didn't know who her mother was.

But he did know the mother, and when she showed up on his doorstep claiming Annabel wasn't actually his, with Annabel's twin brother in tow, his world collapsed. Annabel was his best friend's baby, not his, and the story inside that story is twisted, sad, sickening, and redemptive for all involved.

Sara Mayhew and Noah had grown up together on the very ranch he had just finished remodeling and preparing for a new venture as a guest ranch. They were best friends and one time lovers, until Noah screwed that up, too, and pushed her into the arms of another man. Now, she'd given birth to twins and became a widow all in seven weeks' time.

Lost, alone, penniless and with twins to raise, Sara doesn't know what to do, but she knows her feelings for Noah still burn as hot as they ever had. He offers Sara a home and a job on his new ranch and she accepts needing the safety and stability it offers. Things are anything but Skittles and rainbows, though, and these two former lovers and friends have to find a way through the maze of past pain, regret, and lies to get their groove back.

I enjoyed Noah and Sara romance immensely, even if I thought the past was a bit talked to death by the end. I loved Noah's siblings and can't wait for their books to come out so I can see who they end up with.

If you're looking for a cowboy story with heart and depth, you'll love, For the Twins' Sake. Once you finish, make sure you stick around for more of what's to come from the Dawson family!

I've written many novels under my own name and pen names (including a secret pseudonym, but email me, and I'll tell you!). My first novel, SEE JANE DATE (2001), was made into a very cute TV movie, and I now write primarily for Harlequin Special Edition. Five books were published in 2019 (Jan: A NEW LEASH ON LOVE; March: TO KEEP HER BABY; July: my contribution to the 2019 Montana Mavericks series: Six Brides for Six Brothers: RUST CREEK FALLS CINDERELLA; and a holiday-themed novel in November: A WYOMING CHRISTMAS TO REMEMBER.) I also have a cute holiday-themed story available free on the Harlequin website (search my name under Online Reads at

Coming in 2020!: My new miniseries for Special Edition, Dawson Family Ranch, about six siblings on their Wyoming dude ranch, kicks off: In mid-January: FOR THE TWINS' SAKE. In mid-March: WYOMING SPECIAL DELIVERY. In mid-June: A FAMILY FOR A WEEK. In mid-July: my contribution to the new 2020 Montana Mavericks series. And another holiday-themed novel in mid-October. Five brothers and their sister figuring it all out for love and happiness amid the visitors at the Dawson Family Guest Ranch.

I live on the coast of Maine with my teenage son and our sweet shepherd mix, Flash, and our comical lap cat, Cleo. Please visit my website at for more information. I love to hear from readers so feel free to email me with any comments or questions.

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