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South Dakota Showdown ~ Nicole Helm

A new review of South Dakota Showdown by Nicole Helm! I loved this fast Intrigue and I think you will too. You can get the paperback right now and the Kindle version releases March 1!

He finally escaped his past…Then she appeared on his doorstep.

Sheriff Jamison Wyatt has spent his life helping his loved ones elude his father’s ruthless gang of thugs, the Sons of the Badlands. But he’s never forgotten Liza Dean, the one who got away. Now Liza’s sister, a child, is caught in the gang’s most horrifying crime yet—and only Jamison can help her retrieve the little girl from her captors. With only each other in the isolation of the unforgiving South Dakota landscape, can they infiltrate the crime syndicate before it’s too late?

South Dakota Showdown was action from beginning to end! I love Harlequin Intrigues because they are fast-paced and action-packed but also a quick read. South Dakota Showdown did not disappoint in any of those factors. When you first meet Jamison, a small-town cop, and Liza, you know instantly they're old flames. They might hate each other now, but somewhere in their past, they were lovers. Within a few chapters you come to realize that Jamison doesn't hate Liza, he regrets that he couldn't keep her from the clutches of her father and his, the two men who run a South Dakota Gang called the Sons. Jamison rescued all of the Wyatt brothers and Liza, but Liza didn't stay out, she went back, and he never knew why. Now, fifteen years later, he knows. She went back for her sisters. She went back to try and do the same thing he did for his brothers. She went back to save them, even if she died trying.

When a bullet comes out of nowhere, it's obvious she might, but Liza has a 4-year-old sister being held somewhere by the Sons and she wants her back. She can't find her and the only person she knows who can and WILL help her is Jamison. She's desperate and even accepts his distrust of her, the one man she always loved, to get help for her little sister.

What ensues is a tense, high-pressure game of cat and mouse as they try to outwit Ace Wyatt and his band of not so merry men. Surprises crop up constantly for the two old flames, but the last thing they expect to surprise them is the love they've held onto for each other all these years. Faced with a tough choice, Jamison and Liza have to put aside their wants for the future and focus on the present, saving Gigi and other girls from a sex trafficking ring.

When all is said and done, Jamison and Liza know they still aren't safe from the Sons but they're willing to live their lives together despite that knowledge. I loved Jamison, Liza, Grandma Pauline, Gigi, Cody, and Dev (two of the six Wyatt brothers). I can't wait for the next book in the series to find out about the mysterious Cody and Dev and what they get themselves involved in. If you're looking for a fast-paced, well-written, quick intrigue read, then you'll love South Dakota Showdown!

Nicole Helm is the bestselling author of down-to-earth contemporary romance and fast-paced romantic suspense. From farmers to cowboys, midwest to the west, she writes stories about people finding themselves and finding love in the process.

She lives with her husband and two young sons in Missouri enjoying Cardinals baseball and dreams about someday owning a barn.

You can contact her via email: or visit her website:

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