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Author Katie Mettner

Find Her Alive ~ Lisa Regan

I'm excited to bring you Lisa Regan's new Josie Quinn novel, Find Her Alive, which is out today! This is book 8 of the series and with every case, Josie just keeps getting better and better! Find Her Alive was really fascinating as it encompasses families and their often dysfunctional way of working, mental illness, and the idea of a twin-to-twin connection that has to be fostered when you've been separated for most of your life. Read on for my review and the links to grab this awesome series! Also, there's a deal going on for the first three books in the series. I included the information at the bottom :)


Detective Josie Quinn hasn’t heard from her sister since Trinity stormed out of the house in the heat of an argument three weeks ago. So, when human remains are found at the remote hunting cabin where Trinity was last seen, Josie can only assume the worst.

Gathering her team, Josie feels a surge of relief when the dental records match a different body – that of a missing single mother from a neighboring town. But now Josie’s is not the only broken family desperate for answers.

Dusting the crime scene for prints, a name smudged into the side of a nearby car is the first in a trail of clues Trinity left for Josie. In need of a big story to save her journalism career, it seems Josie’s sister was attempting to make contact with a dangerous serial killer known for creating sculptures with his victim’s bones. And Trinity won’t stop until she’s found him, even if it means becoming his next masterpiece…

Josie is certain there’s a critical clue in the ivory hair comb delivered to Trinity just days before she went missing. But as more bones surface, each set more likely to be Trinity’s than the last, time is running out to find her alive. Can Josie’s team trust her instincts in a case that is so deeply personal? Can she find her sister without putting other innocent lives in danger?

I've never made it a secret how much I love anything Lisa Regan writes, and Find Her Alive was no exception. She hooked me from the first page when usual put-together Trinity was anything but put-together. She was a hot mess. Josie knew it and wanted to help her, but Trinty wasn't in the kind of place to accept anyone's help. At the time that Trinity storms out of Josie's house angry, you don't know why, but by the end, oh boy, it all becomes clear.

When Josie doesn't hear from her sister for weeks, Noah encourages her to go find Trinty and work things out with her. What Josie finds at the cabin where Trinty was supposed to be, wasn't her sister. Her car, her phone, her keys, and a message to Josie was left by her sister, and someone else. That someone else, The Bone Artist, was ready to kill again and Josie feared he had her sister.

Reviewing a Josie Quinn novel is nearly impossible without giving spoilers. The story is weaved so tightly that pulling one string just a little bit will unravel all her hard work in writing a novel that is tight, fast-paced, perfectly paced, well-researched, highly explosive, and always leaves you turning 'just one more page.'

Find Her Alive gets all of Josie's family into the story from her grandmother Lisette to her mom and dad, and her brother, Patrick. I loved getting little glimpses into her family dynamics with the family she was taken from, and with her family who raised her and cared for her all these years. You watched Josie grow personally from page one to the very last page and it was nice to see she isn't a robot who goes from case to case with no emotion. I think emotion is actually the keyword for this novel for everyone, from Josie, to her family, to her team. Even the villain was ruled by emotion.

Her team is always behind her and as always, Noah is her rock. Mettner gets to take the lead for the first time on this investigation and while he steps up and does it, he still learns lesson after lesson from Josie as the investigation progresses. I loved the new addition of Drake, someone who is close to Trinity and desperate to find her. I hope he sticks around.

Find Her Alive will be a bestseller straight out of the gate because the storyline delivers in a way you don't often see in police procedurals anymore, even from the greats like James Patterson and Karin Slaughter. It's hard to find a police procedural that takes you on a wild ride with a storyline so disturbing and twisted that you don't figure it out until she unravels those threads for you one by one, but also offers your heart a little bit of hope in the process. That is exactly what Lisa Regan has done with Find Her Alive. If you have a family member you're estranged from, this novel will have you picking up your phone to call them when you finish the last page. Find Her Alive is a five star read from beginning to end!

Lisa Regan is the USA Today & Wall Street Journal bestselling author of the Detective Josie Quinn series as well as several other crime fiction titles. She has a Bachelor's degree in English and a Master of Education degree from Bloomsburg University. She is a member of Sisters in Crime, International Thriller Writers, and Mystery Writers of America. She lives in Philadelphia with her husband,
daughter, and Boston Terrier named Mr. Phillip.
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