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Author Katie Mettner

Under an Alaskan Sky ~ Jennifer Snow

Today I'm reviewing Under an Alaskan Sky by Jennifer Snow. This is a contemporary romance that releases April 28th, and I LOVED it! Read on for more information, my review, and where to preorder!
Allowing himself to love always seemed too dangerous. Now it might be his only salvation…

Single dad Tank Wheeler has vowed to keep his heart shuttered in the name of keeping his young daughter’s life stable. But lately, the chemistry between him and his adrenaline-loving best friend, Cassie Reynolds, has been getting him a little hot under the collar. And then, with one scorching birthday kiss, these best friends are instantly more.

Exactly the wrong time for Tank’s ex to show up in Wild River, Alaska.

Cassie is pretty sure she’s having a waking nightmare. Not only is Tank’s gorgeous ex hoping to reclaim her family, but a new megastore is threatening the wilderness-adventure business she’s spent five years building. But Cassie never backs down from a fight. And now it’s time to make the most terrifying leap of her life—and hope that Tank catches her…before she falls too far.

Under an Alaskan Sky was my first Jennifer Snow book. I have to say, I have found a new author to read and a new series to love!

Cassie and Tank are one of those meant-to-be couples even if they are the only two who don't know it... correction-even if Tank is the only one who doesn't know it. Cassie sure as heck knows that she belongs with him and after five years, she's tired of waiting. When his ex-girlfriend and the mother of his daughter, waltzes back into Wild River, Alaska, life gets complicated for Cassie. Check that-life gets more complicated. Already losing her adventure tour business to a new chain store moving in across the street, the competition might put her under. To complicate matters, she's paying for her father's rehab bills, and her world is crashing down on her already without the complications of Tank and his ex.

Tank, the owner of the Drunk Tank, the only bar in town, is afraid. Cassie is his best friend and he's desperately afraid to lose her. Not just as his best friend, but as the role model he depends on to help him with his ten-year-old daughter, Kaia. The last thing he expects is to see his ex-girlfriend, Montana, walk through the door of his bar just when he gets the nerve up to kiss Cassie. Little does anyone know just how much Montana knows about his bar. Suddenly, Tank isn't sure about anything in his life including his relationship with his daughter and his relationship with Cassie. One thing he is acutely aware of? Montana could screw it all up for him.

Cassie wants nothing more than to be in Tank's life, and if that means remaining nothing more than friends, that will have to be enough, even though she wants so much more. When his ex, Montana, strolls into her business, SnowTrek Tours, offering Cassie a solution to her business problems, Cassie immediately fears she's getting in bed with the devil.

Speaking of getting in bed, that's all Cassie wants out of Tank. When they finally give in to their attraction she's convinced it's enough for now. The question she asks herself is how long before she needs more? Tank isn't capable of opening his heart up to her, and Cassie doesn't know if casual sex is enough for the rest of her life. Not when her whole heart is already in the game. That is the same question that Tank asks himself. Tank has a hard time committing after having his heart broken by Montana, and rightly so, but he knows if he ever wants happiness again he's going to have to trust someone.

This book is a complicated walk through single parenting, co-parenting, brain injuries, past parental hurts, best friends to lovers, search and rescue, and the realization that sometimes you have to take a chance on love.

I loved Cassie, though she sometimes drove me crazy with her need to always put everyone else first, even when she would continue to suffer. You just want her to be happy, but she got in her own way a lot. She enabled Tank A LOT but the great part was eventually she realized it and decided to do something about it.

Tank was the strong and silent type to the point you wondered if a hammer was what he needed to be hit with to see that Cassie wasn't going to wait forever. Correction-he he saw it all, he just couldn't put it into words. By about 80% into the book that storyline did get a little tired. He knew he should tell her but he couldn't force the words out. Please. He was a good dad who cared about not scaring his child for life, and that redeemed his whishy-washiness with Cassie. He also loved Cassie's dog, Diva, who was a doll face everyone will love. A man who loves kids and dogs, already a perfect hero!

I loved the extended cast of characters in the series. I want to go back and read the first book about Cassie's brother, Reed, (though it wasn't necessary to read this one). I know Montana's story is next, and while I liked her a little bit more by the end of this one, Ms. Snow will have to work hard to make her redeemable. Then again, maybe Eddie the cop will be the one to do that...

I give Under an Alaskan Sky 5 stars for a great read that had me sneaking in pages whenever I had a second free to read!

Jennifer Snow writes contemporary romance fiction for Grand Central Publishing and Harlequin. Her stories range in heat level from sweet to sexy and are set everywhere from big cities to small towns. Her books are light and humorous, but also full of heart, featuring families and communities readers love to visit over and over again.

Originally from Newfoundland, Canada, she now resides in Alberta with her husband and son and three mischievous cats. She is a member of RWA and the Alberta Writers Guild.
She currently publishes psychological thrillers under her pen name J.M. Winchester and writes screenplays and TV shows in her 'spare' time.

You can also find her at

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