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Badlands Beware by Nicole Helm

Book five of A Badlands Cops novel is out now in paperback and July 1 (preorder) for Kindle! I always grab the paperback of this series when it releases because I'm not patient enough to wait for the kindle 😂 Badlands Beware was already in the top ten romances on BookScan this week and on the PW Bestsellers list! Read the blurb and my review below!

The truth might hurt them both.

When Detective Tucker Wyatt is sent to protect Rachel Knight from her father’s enemies, neither of them realizes exactly how much danger she’s in. As she starts making connections between her father’s past and a current disappearance, she’s suddenly under attack from all sides. But Rachel and Tucker will not back down. They’ll do whatever it takes to solve the open case, even if it means putting their lives at risk.

Those Wyatt boys are at it again, according to Rachel. As Duke Knight's only biological daughter, she's leary of getting too close to the boys, now men, who she grew up with all her life. At twenty-three, she yearned for independence while she watched her three foster sisters and one cousin all fall for trouble with a capital W. She thinks she's safe. None of those Wyatt boys are going to mess with Duke's biological daughter, and on any given day they wouldn't, but this wasn't a normal day and Tucker wasn't a typical Wyatt. 

Tucker is a detective known for his steady hand at the helm and for having escaped all the run-ins with his father's gang, Sons of the Badlands, unscathed. While his brothers are all being shot, beaten, stabbed, and kidnapped, Tucker is ignored, a fact he's used to. When Duke Knight finds himself in a whole heap of hot water in a feud between the Sons and a group of bad guys from his past, he's got no one to turn to but a secret group Tucker works with and Tucker himself. Duke needs to go, but first, he needs someone to watch over his two daughters left on his ranch, Rachel and Sarah. He leaves Tuck to do that while he hopes to draw the danger away from the ranch. 

Rachel and Sarah are frantic when their father doesn't come home. Given a note by Tucker, they laugh in his face. They know their father and they know he didn't decide to take a 'vacation' without telling them. Rachel, fiercely protective of her father, demands Tuck tell them the truth. The problem is, he can't or he'll risk Duke's life. 

Staying at the ranch, Tucker hears Rachel screaming and when he finally gets to her, she tells him she's been having nightmares about the night she was blinded in the wilderness at the age of three. Her father always told her it was a mountain lion attack, but her dreams tell her it was a man and that man wasn't done with them yet. 

Danger. mayhem, explosions, old memories, fear, and regret are the things Rachel and Tucker must face to rescue Duke from his prison and find the men responsible for Rachel's injury. Doing that as a blind woman in the Badlands is no easy task, so Rachel must rely on Tucker to keep her safe while she hunts for the truth about her past and her future. 

I love this series because the intrigue is steady and twisting, the love stories are always worked into the story in a way that doesn't shove it down your throat, and the characters are so intertwined that when you open the newest book, you feel like you're coming home to chat with old friends. There's only one book left in the series and I can't wait for Dev and Sarah's story! With a surprising ending of Badlands Beware, finding out what Ms. Helm has in store for them will have me grabbing the final installment the moment it hits the shelves.

I give Badlands Beware 5 cups of danger-filled coffee!

Nicole Helm is the bestselling author of down-to-earth contemporary romance and fast-paced romantic suspense. From farmers to cowboys, midwest to the west, she writes stories about people finding
themselves and finding love in the process. 

She lives with her husband and two young sons in Missouri enjoying Cardinals baseball and dreams about someday owning a barn.

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